Men vs Women MMA (Same Weight): Who Would Win

Men vs Women MMA (Same Weight): Who Would Win

With the continuous progress the society has seen over the years, women have sought out the privileges men have in turn having the same equal rights as women. However, in a sport like Mixed Martial Arts where it’s predominantly male in fighters and fan base, probably because of the violent genetics created with men naturally, it’s not expected that women participate in this sport but since women’s rights are being taken very importantly, they aren’t restricted to not participating hence why there are various female fighters in the MMA too. With this occurrence, if a man and woman meet in the octagon, who would win?

Determining this depends on many factors that stem from the differences between both sexes physically and mentally. Naturally, men are assumed to be able to win over women because they are typically taller and heavier with more muscle mass than a woman of the same weight class. 

For a woman to beat a man in an MMA fight, she would need to exceed the man’s natural strength and speed. In this article, I’ll discuss if it’s possible for a woman in the same weight category as a man can win an MMA fight against the man and what happens when both sexes meet in an MMA fight. 

MMA Man vs Woman: Who Will Win? 

Men vs Women MMA (Same Weight): Who Would Win

It’s common to assume that when a man and a woman in the same weight category face off for an MMA fight, the man will win, however, don’t be quick to rule out the woman. 

It’s no news that men and women have different body types since men are usually taller, and heavier with more muscle mass than a woman of the same weight class but some great female fighters have shown that physicality may not be an added advantage between an MMA man vs woman fight of the same weight class because they rely on a high level of motivation spanning from factors like training themselves over time due to their cultural conditions. 

To determine who will win amongst both sexes, it’s important to consider the key differences between both sexes. 

For instance, men can lift themselves and carry around more weight and muscle on their frame without it being a problem for them in terms of mobility since men are more heavy-bodied compared to a woman. These physiological changes between both sexes make the MMA fight between both sexes belonging to the same weight category lean in favor of men.

Mentally, women aren’t more aggressive than men and this is also one of the factors that make the MMA fight between both sexes in the same weight category lean in favor of men as men are naturally more aggressive than women. This natural aggression is due to the production of more testosterone in a man than a woman as they have lesser testosterone production. Although due to this factor, women are less aggressive, this doesn’t mean that they can’t make great fighters if motivated by other factors that can trigger the needed aggression for the win. 

For contextual reasons, some top-notch email fighters show a high level of motivation due to factors that may include them training themselves over time because of their varying cultural conditions. 

Females over time, have had to develop a lot of resiliency and confidence to fight in the MMA sport and compete in live events like the UFC and with the support provided for women to have equal rights as men to participate in every activity, female fighters are always welcomed and encouraged to compete. 

This has led to most live events having several female fights on the card, however, the sport is still predominantly male in fighters and fanbase. 

Can A Woman Beat A Man In An MMA Fight?

Men vs Women MMA (Same Weight): Who Would Win

For a woman to win an MMA fight against a man, she would need to surpass the man’s natural strength and speed while also possessing a higher level of skill and technique. 

However, this happens in very rare cases as men possess more natural strength and speed than women while also having high-level skills, instinct, response, and technique than them. A lot of women don’t have the same physicality as a man which puts them at a disadvantage and leans the fight towards the man winning. 

Usually, a man beating a woman in an MMA fight is easier because men have greater physiological advantages in body type and structure over their female opponent who mentally, doesn’t produce as much testosterone as men do making them less aggressive than men. 

There’s a popular misconception that the testosterone produced by men only gives them a deep voice, however, this is wrong. The testosterone that men produce is a primary part of activating the muscle fiber growth and twitch responses meaning that men develop bigger, stronger muscles easier and faster naturally. 

However, with all of these advantages listed out, a woman can beat a man in a mixed martial arts fight because fighting is more than just about physical ability and technique even though they play a greater role in the process of winning. 

Some high-level techniques and skills can be learned across several martial arts that provide utmost advantages from skill alone. For instance, a proficient and experienced female grappler could take a man down back flat while using wrapping control from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, disabling a lot of his strength and striking advantages that he had. 

Can Women Compete With Men Of Same Weight Category In MMA?

Men vs Women MMA (Same Weight): Who Would Win

While fighting in MMA, weight is a highly considered factor whether the fight is between men or women. This is because the extra weight that a man possesses, the more power and force they can convert and put in their punches and leg kicks whilst still on their feet. 

So due to the differences in physicality and body structure, most MMA live events like the UFC rather pair men with men and women with women opponents to have a fair and balanced fight and not put any participant at a disadvantage. 

While fighting on the ground and grappling, the more your weight, the more energy your opponent has to apply to take you down or move you and take advantage and if we’re playing women and men’s physiology as a component in this fight, the men have more advantage at taking the women down and moving them around which makes it unfair to women participating in the fight. This is another reason why it’s not advisable for women to compete with men of the same weight category in MMA.

In terms of techniques, techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, or Judo provide intense knowledge on how to use your opponent’s weight against them or nullify it entirely. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu possesses a lot of tactics for moving around your opponent’s position and using your full body to wrap them up and after an amount of endurance is built up, the energy you’ll require becomes much lower.  This way you’ll not need to move your opponent, you’ll just need to move around where they go. 

So if a woman possesses this kind of technique, it can be very useful and she will be able to face any man within her weight category. However, to be able to use this skill, there’s a high degree of mastery needed. 

To wrap this up, it’s important you know that weight does and doesn’t play an important aspect in winning a fight as it can depend highly on the level of the skill of the fighter so a highly skilled woman can compete with men in the same weight category in MMA. 

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