Masvidal Put The Championship Belt In Front Of The Money: 'I don't want McGregor, give me a rematch with Usman!'

Masvidal Put The Championship Belt In Front Of The Money: ‘I don’t want McGregor, give me a rematch with Usman!’

Jorge Masvidal has demanded a rematch for the UFC welterweight title fight against Kamaru Usman.

After five rounds of relentless fighting in the UFC 251 main event, Jorge Masvidal is convinced he has everything he needs to defeat Kamaru Usman and that the only reason for the defeat is that he accepted the fight just six days before it took place. One of the most popular fighters in the world held up well, according to the media and fans, he won the first round, but in 25 minutes of an equal fight against the incredibly ready champion, he was missing something. He believes that this is, above all, more time to prepare and devise tactics.

He is convinced that it can get something if the two of them fight again, and Masvidal hopes that it will be this year. This can very easily be deduced from the questions he got during the interview with Ariel Helwani on ESPN, and it concerned who he would like to see as the next opponent.

“Usman, without thinking too much. Can they offer me bigger names and more money? They can, that’s a fact. But, if I could choose, that would be Usman. I jumped in against him six days before the fight, when no one would do it. Many say they would do it, but no one did. Did someone come to Dana White and tell him that he would jump in if Masvidal can’t? So if I could choose, it would certainly be Usman at the first opportunity. It doesn’t matter to me what bigger name they could offer me. Usman is my first choice,” Masvidal said, explaining why he would choose that fight even before the one against Conor McGregor, which would surely bring him the money he had never dreamed of until recently:

“You can tell me that fighting McGregor would bring the biggest fees in history and that I will actually be paid forever from that fight. But at the moment I feel like I’m very well paid, to make good decisions, so what I have now is a lifelong profit. It’s not a matter of money in this case. I want that belt and I’m a stubborn person. I know I’m better than Usman and I want to prove it, I can only do that if I fight him again. I don’t take anything away from him, he honestly won this fight. But I think we should do it again.”

He is convinced that on the other hand there would be no objections, as he would have an opponent who, unlike him, would put finances first.

“I am convinced that Usman would be in favor of this option because this is now the biggest money he has earned so far. His performances so far have not been even close to these numbers. His last fight, against Covington, had similar fighters on the program as now and a similar idea. Only I was not in that formula and the sales were not good. If I’m not mistaken, there were about 300 thousand broadcasts sold. It is clear that there is a recipe why this show went so much better than the previous ones. Kamaru is a smart guy and knows that I’m responsible for that. If he wants to make big money again, let’s go fight again. In business, that would be a very sensible decision,” Gamebred revealed.

We’ll see how Dana White reacts to this, as it’s clear from his latest statements that he’s already spinning in his head the million dollar figures that a fight between Masvidal and McGregor would bring him. Jorge, on the other hand, has already proven that he has ways to get what he wants.

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