Masvidal Defended The BMF Title Against Usman, Is The Biggest Match In The MMA World Coming Now?

Masvidal Defended The BMF Title Against Usman, Is The Biggest Match In The MMA World Coming Now?

Although he was defeated in the fight against Kamaru Usman, after which he did not reach the UFC welterweight title, it can be said that this is the only defeat that “Gamebred” suffered in the morning hours of Sunday, July 12. In various ways, he took several victories, including the one according to which he defended last year’s BMF championship belt. It was not the stake of the fight this time, but Jorge symbolically did it anyway. That belt is primarily symbolic anyway and represents the character of a fighter. He now belongs even more to Jorge Masvidal.

By accepting the fight just six days before the event, Jorge proved that his nickname, which can be freely translated as “always ready for action,” was very rightly given. He didn’t think for too long, like the wicked guy he pretends to be, he accepted, and then all the way until the fight did it in his way. Last year, Masvidal managed to combine its personality with the results, and continued to build its brand on it. Even those fans who have known him for years, but have not paid too much attention, today greatly appreciate what he has achieved. And if before the fight against Usman they had not yet appreciated him enough as a fighter, that has changed in a large number of cases.

When the fight started, Masvidal showed what he knows and can do and according to most fans and the media, he won that first round, even though only one of the three judges awarded it to him. Later in the fight he was exhausted and could not match the tactics of Usman, who recognized how to put his greatest qualities in the foreground. But until the end of the fight, Masvidal did it “gangster”. He did not give up, he had his moments and he showed how strong he is. The smile almost never left his face, and despite not being fully ready, at the end of the fight, he looked like he could still go on. The defeat was also accepted by the “gangster”, with his head held high, knowing that in fact, with the performance he did, he gained an incredible amount of money. After all, the way he celebrated the entire UFC 251 project says a lot about how satisfied he is. If the data on 1,3 million views sold are accurate, it can probably be largely attributed to him.

This outcome was actually best for those, including the author of this text, who feared a possible victory for Masvidal, after which the UFC would surely pull the expected move and give Conor McGregor the opportunity to attack the title. It would be completely undeserved, which doesn’t really have to be explained to anyone who understands this sport. But this current situation is perfect for everyone. For Masvidal, McGregor, and all the fans, because who doesn’t want to watch that fight? If its stake is not an attack on a title that McGregor did not deserve in any case, that is the perfect option.

Dana White was opposed to the duel for a time, saying Masvidal was too big for Conor. But a lot has changed, so the media last week managed to extract information from it that this fight would be a special spectacle, probably the biggest possible fight in the world of martial arts at the moment. And that’s not far from the truth, it’s a fight that would probably break the UFC’s record sales of views held by McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov (UFC 229), but it would also be close to those records held by boxing.

Is this a guideline for a new fight in which the stakes would be the BMF belt, which the Irishman cast an eye on as soon as it was introduced? That’s probably the case and there’s no doubt the UFC will try to work on it, probably as early as this fall. The November date that otherwise belongs to Madison Square Garden seems like the right option. Now it is only up to us to wait for the way in which the fight will start to be built even before the official confirmation. The UFC has an opportunity they probably won’t miss, and we should all get a chance to immensely enjoy all that it will bring.

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