Martial Arts

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What Is A Dojo

The dojo is traditionally related to the world of martial arts but it means a lot more. This can be a school or practice hall, but the dojo mostly relates to the sacred place where you can boost your mental and physical skillset.

martial arts belts

Martial Arts Belts: Everything You Need to Know

Martial arts belts are used to represent the ranking and progress of students in martial art. The Black Belt is the most prestigious stage of martial art belts and it is the time a student must have full control of his or her abilities and knowledge and also possess the power to teach them to new students.

pressure points

Pressure Points for Self-Defense: Are They Real?

Although we are usually considered resilient and most martial arts prove that our bodies can take much damage, some specific sensitive spots cause more damage (of any kind) than others. Pressure points can be defined as areas on the human body that may produce various effects when manipulated in a specific manner. In martial arts, pressure points are specific parts of the body where you can strike to cause pain.

best martial arts weapons

15 Best Martial Arts Weapons

Training with these pieces of equipment will assist you to build up strength in your arm and shoulder and helps you keep a better fighting distance. That’s not all; a Katana sword also comes with a guard (circular or square) and a long grip, which allows people to comfortably hold it with two hands.