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Sweet Science of Fighting Review – My Strength Book

We live in the era of apps and if you’re not using them for training you’re wasting an amazing source of tools for your own development. My Strength Book is mainly manual and it will inform you the percentage of the 1RM you’ve been lifting for each of the logged exercises, but that’s all.

Best Martial Arts Academies in the World (2020)

Best Martial Arts Academies in the World 2023

When it comes to training in martial arts, there is nothing better than training at an elite gym or academy that drastically improves your skills. With a growing number of top athletes arising from the gym, it is one place to consider for improving your skills as a mixed martial artist.

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Body Conditioning For Martial Artists

This article will focus on a crucial aspect of martial arts training – body conditioning. Essential Body Conditioning Exercises An essential workout routine can help you build fundamental levels of stamina and strength, but it is useless in the later stages when you’re targeting the peak of your shape for a specific match.

What is Gi in Martial Arts?

What Is Gi in Martial Arts?

If you have only started your martial arts way, then you may heard about Gi, but you don’t know what it is. But, the Jiu-jitsu community is mostly flexible, so, depending on a gym you are training, you can see all sorts of Gi colors on people.

5 Core Workouts to Help You Become a Better Martial Artist

If you’re like most martial artists, you’re always looking for ways to improve your skills. With regular intervals of this exercise, you won’t only improve your core strength but also benefit from an improved sense of balance, stability, and coordination — all integral skills for anyone looking to gain an edge in martial arts.

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What Is A Dojo

The dojo is traditionally related to the world of martial arts but it means a lot more. This can be a school or practice hall, but the dojo mostly relates to the sacred place where you can boost your mental and physical skillset.

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