Negotiations to Fight Ngannou Have Failed, Jones Announced Another Opponent!

Jon Jones Vacates UFC Light Heavyweight Title!

After revealing his intention to move to the heavyweight division during the fight between Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones did something just two days later that further confirms those intentions. Through a post on Twitter, he revealed that he will no longer be a light heavyweight champion, a success in which he has come to be considered by many to be the best MMA fighter of all time.

Shortly afterwards, he discovered what this was all about and how the decision had been made.

Interestingly, the quarrel between Jones and the UFC arose after the initially innocent mention of his transition to the heavyweight category and the fight against Ngannou. Although no real negotiations took place, Jones suddenly decided to ask for more income, despite signing a new contract shortly before.

That this is not about retirement, he confirmed with a statement that testing will continue.

Jones has done all his previous fights in the light heavyweight category, but his transition among heavyweights has been mentioned for years. If the UFC decides to raise his income, it looks like it will happen.

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