Negotiations to Fight Ngannou Have Failed, Jones Announced Another Opponent!

Jon Jones Says He’ll Relinquish UFC Light Heavyweight Belt

A heated argument between UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and promotion president Dane White has reached a stage where Jones has announced he is leaving the championship title, shocking fans.

This difficult situation for the UFC started with Jones’ statement on Twitter, to get him ready to fight Francis Ngannou. The media clung to it and in a short time, that fight became much more than speculation. Still, Dana White denied all the combinations just as quickly, stating that the fight would not happen. But problems arose after he told ESPN that there would be no fight because Jones was asking for too much money.

Quarrels started through the media and Twitter. Jones accused White of lying, saying he did not say what amount of money he was asking, to which White only added that he possessed the messages they exchanged and could release them to the media. In the end, he didn’t do it, despite Jones asking him to. The quarrel continued with White stating that Jones was looking for earnings like the one Deontay Wilder has, which Jones once again denied.

Today, it happened that Jones asked for the termination of the contract for the second time, while White told the fans through the media to choose who to trust.

After a fan asked him will he leave his his light heavyweight title, Jones answered:

And he didn’t stop there, but Jones continued his addressing through the next post.

Now even more “tweets” of Jones have appeared, this time with even more serious intentions.

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