Negotiations to Fight Ngannou Have Failed, Jones Announced Another Opponent!

Jon Jones says he is ready to take some time off the sport!

Jon Jones does not want to give up in his fight against the UFC and clearly states that he does not intend to return to action until the contract provides him with the income he thinks he deserves.

The current light heavyweight champion also claims that his goal is not to achieve something exclusively for himself, but he also wants to help other active fighters and the generations to come.

“I’m not asking for an extraordinary amount and I’m aware that there is a pandemic in the world. I also know you look greedy when you’re a multimillionaire and looking for even more. It’s all clear to me, but I’m aware I have a voice and a platform to make a change. They have a catastrophic situation, but they are not in a position to talk about it in public, to have another job, to borrow money from their parents … I know a lot of fighters who live in Jackson-Wink Hall because they can’t afford their apartment. “So this is sad,” Jones comments in a Wild Ride podcast.

‘Bones’ in the continuation of the same conversation reveals that he is ready to have a bad relationship with UFC President Dan White and to pause for a few years if some positive things don’t come out of it.

“If I need to have a bad relationship with Dana, take a break, two or three years, just to point out everything that’s going on … These are the things that make people remember you more than they remember you after winning the belts. I’m here because of young fighters. “

Jones also says he is willing to compromise, meaning that he will not necessarily insist that the UFC fully meet his demands.

“I don’t want to go back to fighting soon. I’m not interested in competing in the UFC right now and it will be like that until they pay me as much as I deserve. I think I’m sending a very strong message when I stand by what I believe in. For the UFC to realize how stubborn they are, that they have one special athlete in me and that they will eventually find themselves halfway with me, ”concludes one of the best MMA fighters in history.

Jones, let us remind you, has not been seen in the Octagon since he defeated the challenger Dominick Reyes in February with a controversial decision of the judges. Prior to the outbreak of this ‘crisis’, the UFC champion was linked with rivals like Jan Blachowicz, Francis Ngannou and the aforementioned Reyes, but it seems none of this will happen until he and the UFC find common ground.

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