Is Boxing Good for Abs and Burning Stomach Fat Fast?

Is Boxing Good for Abs and Burning Stomach Fat Fast?

If you are here, then you are probably wondering is boxing good for abs and burning stomach fat fast? So let us give you a quick answer to that.

Boxing is an amazing martial art for building abs and burning stomach fat fast.

Although boxing is mostly considered a rough sport, it is actually much more than that. Boxing is a fun and effective way to build your abs and burn stomach fat very fast.

Exercise can be a fun, challenging, and effective way to lose weight. All this is combined in boxing, so it is not a big surprise that supermodels like Gigi Hadad and Adriana Lima chose this sport.

While boxing is undoubtedly a great exercise choice for quick fat burning and abs development, it’s equally important to focus on optimal gear. For women in particular, choosing the right boxing gloves for women is critical for both protection, fit, and comfort. Read this engaging review to find the pair that perfectly meets your individual needs and goals.

Boxing burns between 600 and 1,000 calories in 45 minutes

You start your workout with light cardio to prepare your body while maintaining a fast heart rate and blood flow. This helps you burn more calories and achieve a toned body faster than traditional workouts. In addition, boxing has a similar effect as interval circuit training with which you quickly gain fitness and strength. You can burn between 600 and 1,000 calories in a 45-minute workout, writes Pop Sugar.

Many mistakenly assume that in boxing everything focuses on the upper body and arm strength, but it is actually an exercise for the whole body. When turning for punches in the bag, the abdominal muscles are also activated so you burn fat and build abs at the same time. And of course, you stay agile as you turn around.

Almost all of the different training techniques that are used during boxing are huge calorie burners in the long run. Exercises like hitting the bag, sparring, skipping, and running all have great calorie burning rates over longer periods. If you have the stamina to keep them up, they can do amazing things for your body. It is definitely up there with the best cardio that you can be doing, and this is great news if you’re trying to get abs.

TrainingCalories/hour (150 lb)Calories/hour (200 lb)
Boxing a punching bag394525
Boxing – sparring558745
Boxing ring9161222
Jumping rope (1 jump per sec)600700
Running (6 mph)700950

How many times a week to train boxing to see abs results

If you’re wondering how often you need to train to see results, we recommend coming at least three times a week. People usually start to see physical results within the first four to six weeks of consistent training. But if going to the gym isn’t for you, the good news is that you can also practice boxing at home using a training method called Shadowboxing. More specifically, you imagine having an opponent in front of you. It’s a fantastic way to challenge your mind, improve your technique, and do cardio exercises along the way, and with it burn stomach fat.

Another boxing element that is easy to make at home is skipping rope. We recommend that you try this simple routine to get started, and it only takes you 30 minutes. Repeat the series of exercises three times. You skip the rope for three minutes, then practice the shadowboxing for three minutes and do exercises for the cor, or abdominal muscles for another three minutes. This way you will burn stomach fat extremely fast, and build your abs in the best way.

Boxing is a fitness that is a step ahead

Boxing is one of the best ways for real fitness. It is difficult, demanding, and cruel sport, but also immensely fun.

During the training of this type, you will work to the maximum on each individual muscle of your body and you will certainly feel tired, but still – be persistent.

After one to two weeks of training, you will notice surprising physical changes in yourself. Even if you are thin – your muscles will be stronger and tighter, and you will see with your own eyes results on your stomach fat and building abs.

So, if you want to change old and boring fitness workouts, boxing is the right solution for you, so feel free to use all its benefits.

Boxing used to be reserved exclusively for men, but today the situation is different. Knowing the benefits of the ring around the world – has made women eager to do this sport.

Boxing and weight loss

Definitely one of the main reasons for practicing this exciting sport is the accelerated melting of fat.

Boxing is a sport for the whole body because it is a combination of cardiovascular training and strength training. In addition, you will notice fast weight loss, and your muscles will very quickly become tighter and much stronger. Your stomach fat will melt, and your abs will start showing more and more.

Boxing is also a sport of high-intensity exercise, it speeds up the metabolism and pulse, and such an effect lasts long after training. This practically means less absorption of calories and fat during the day, which is extremely important for the prevention of overweight.

What do you need for boxing training?

For successful injury-free training, you need the following:

  • A good pair of boxing gloves
  • Boxing bag
  • Hand wraps

As you can see, it is very easy to make your boxing training at your own home, garage or basement. This is only the basic equipment you need, but if you want to find out a complete guide to boxing gear that you need for start, follow our guide.

Losing weight and stomach fat through boxing training and building abs

A typical weight loss workout should last about 25-35 minutes. Start by warming up and stretching lightly, then move on to the workout itself with a punching bag.

The idea is to hit as much and as hard as possible, using different movements for three minutes for men and two minutes for women. This is a boxing match simulation where the round lasts three minutes for men and two for women.

After each lap, rest, but no more than 30 seconds, and start over. Repeat a few rounds during training.

If you can’t stand this kind of exercise for 25 minutes (which is not strange, because so much training duration requires extremely good physical preparation), don’t overdo it! Hold on as long as you can, then skip the rope slowly. This way the muscles stay warm and you keep the elevated pulse so your fat burns all the way.

Sparring in boxing

Sparring in boxing is also a great way for building your abs. During sparing you need to hold your core hard, and with your abs you cushion the blows.

You can train for sparring separately and build your abs while doing it. Some of the best ways is using a medicine ball on your abs. That way your abs will be accustomed to hits, and also they will continue to grow.

You can check below amazing exercise for building your abs and prepare for sparring in boxing. It would be best if someone could help you with this exercise, and don’t start hard from the beginning, let your abs get accustomed to hits, and when they do you can gradually intensify the blows.


The new skills you learn in boxing can be an effective way to stay motivated, help you lose your stomach fat and build abs, because in that sport you can always learn a new technique, and if you also enjoy boxing, then that physical activity will simply become your lifestyle.

Boxing is indeed an effective means to carve out those desired abs and shed stomach fat, but to truly excel in this martial art, you have to tackle it from all ends. One of those ends is employing the right training equipment – something as crucial as focus mitts. Wondering why they are important? Explore the dynamics of ‘why’ and ‘which’ in our specially curated article on Best focus mitts for boxing.

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