Holyfield is 'Preparing for Battle' With Klitschko: See The Fierce Preparations of The Legendary Champion!

Holyfield is ‘Preparing for Battle’ With Klitschko: See The Fierce Preparations of The Legendary Champion!

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After Tyson, Evander Holyfield released one action-packed video from his preparations for a return to the boxing ring.

Just like his former rival Mike Tyson, the 57-year-old ‘The Real Deal’ is returning to boxing with the same goal – to take part in humanitarian matches.

The former lightweight and heavyweight world champion also showed impressive build for someone in those years, and that he took the job seriously we can see for ourselves by looking at the short compilations from his prep camp.

“Team Holyfield preparing for battle,” Holyfield wrote on Twitter with a short video that shows us that the American from Alabama is surrounded by legends, so former champions like Vladimir Klitschko and Antonio Tarver are helping him in training these days.

Although Evander’s opponent has not yet been officially confirmed, there has been a lot of talk in recent days about a new meeting between him and four-year-younger Iron Mike.

“His and my people are already talking about it. We still don’t have a firm deal, but we’re going in that direction,” Holyfield recently revealed at a memorial match that tickled the imagination of millions of boxing fans.

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