Holloway Revealed an Unusual Way in Which He Did Training For a Rematch Against Volkanovsky

Holloway Revealed an Unusual Way in Which He Did Training For a Rematch Against Volkanovski

Max Holloway did not spar the entire preparations for the UFC 251 fight or have direct contact with the coaches.

There is still a week left until the fight in which Max Holloway will try to come to a victory that would return him to the throne of the UFC lightweight category. About half a year ago, Alexander Volkanovski surprised him well, surpassed him through five rounds of the fight, and deservedly took the title from him. Now, a great former champion has a mission to return the title.

Behind him are preparations that were not easy to perform, but in the end he is satisfied with what he has done, even though he did everything himself. Exactly, without any sparring partners or direct contacts with the coaches, which he confirmed in a conversation with Ariel Helwani.

“It was a special challenge and it wasn’t easy. But this way we will find out who the real fighters are, the real warriors and the right people with love for what we do,” Max said, to then explain why he decided on that move:

“I didn’t want to get my coaches in trouble or even get arrested. The order to stay home in Hawaii was pretty serious. I did much of the training the way I do this interview, via video call. We had lessons via Zoom and actually I saw my coaches for the first time at the Vegas airport after we got there.”

From such a way of preparation, he believes that he has learned some lessons and that everything could actually have a very positive result.

“The most important thing is how you adapt to the conditions. I am ready and healthy. One thing I concluded in this pandemic is that we often push our bodies across the border in the camp. We just know how to overdo it,” added Max, who thinks he will get out of this whole situation something positive. In fact, enough for the UFC lightweight title to be in his hands again after next weekend.


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