Gustafsson Returns As a Heavyweight And Immediately Faces a Fight Against The Former Champion

Gustafsson Confirmed The Heavyweight Fight Against Werdum: ‘I’ll maul his face!’

Alexander Gustafsson returns to action on July 25 as a UFC heavyweight fighter.

About a year after retiring in his hometown of Stockholm after the defeat inflicted on him by Anthony Smith, Alexander Gustafsson arranged his return. Although the UFC has not yet officially announced his fight against Fabricio Werdum, which will be on the program schedule scheduled for July 25, he did it himself. An interesting decision at an interesting time and the name of the opponent who will meet him in a difficult heavyweight debut is not far behind.

“I miss the competition and I had a feeling I wasn’t done yet. No matter how I felt at the time, I never lost the spark. Now come a new division and new opponents, a very exciting time is ahead of me. Over the last few weeks I have made a decision about returning, and I managed to be active all the time, despite the time that befell us,” Gustafsson told MaulerBet, adding something about a somewhat unexpected decision to change the category:

“I’ve always seen myself as a big light heavyweight fighter, I have a big frame and walk around quite heavy. So I’ve always had to cut around 33lbs to make weight. And since the fight got finalized just now, with 6-7 weeks to go I wouldn’t have been able to make LHW anyway. But regardless I would’ve made to move to HW to try it out, it’s a new challenge to put it simply. For me to be able to down a chicken pasta in fight week hasn’t happened in 15 years.”

Fabricio Werdum is a fighter we haven’t seen in a long time, only to return last month to the UFC 249 event, where he was defeated by Alexei Oleinik after a very poor performance. Still, he lasted 15 minutes, even taking control of the fight in the final round, which is a sign that he is still dangerous after all. Plus, his last fight is on a UFC contract and that’s definitely an added motivation.

“He’s experienced and a bit of a legend in the sport when you look at his career. He’s gained some weight in recent years but he’s not to be underestimated, he’s got a lot of tricks up his sleeves and is a legit black belt. And he, like everyone else in the HW division hits hard. So it will be an awesome challenge for me and it’s very motivating for me to fight him. I will go in there with full force, fully prepared to win. This is not a game and I will go in there to maul his face, get my W and take it from there.”

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