Fighters with Most Wins in the UFC History

Fighters with Most Wins in the UFC History

Records are always an interesting thing to study, whichever field you might be examining. Whether it’s the most points or goals scored in the history of a sports league, or just the biggest number of pies eaten in 10 minutes, records are always a fun piece of trivia, which is why, today, we are going to talk about records. More precisely, UFC records.

Rank Fighter Wins
1 Donald Cerrone 23
2 Demian Maia 22
3 Jim Miller 20
Jon Jones
Michael Bisping
Georges St-Pierre
7 Diego Sanchez 19
8 Rafael dos Anjos 18
Matt Hughes

The topic of records isn’t new to this site. We’ve already had similar texts about MMA (fighters with most MMA winsOpens in a new tab.) in general and the UFC, related to the numbers regarding most consecutive winsOpens in a new tab.. Also, we’ll just recapitulate that MMA and UFC are not the same thing; firstly, the UFC is just an organisation for the promotion of MMA fights and it isn’t even the only one. Secondly, MMA is a much broader term that encompasses much more than just UFC. That is why we are going to focus on one specific record within the UFC – most career wins by a single fighter. 


Since MMA is a rather broad term and the fights are organised by several organisations, it’s not always easy to keep a record of all the numbers. You have ranked fights, non-ranked fights, sanctioned and non-sanctioned ones, championship bouts, regular bouts, etc., but the general idea is that the numbers are big, dispersed and not easy to keep up with. That is why it wasn’t easy to get a hold on them and we had to put in a significant effort to corroborate the data coming from different sources. 

Having said that, we can now move on to the UFC, where things are a little, well, different. Namely, UFC is a narrower term and it only includes fights organised by the UFC. These numbers are substantially smaller than the actual MMA numbers, since non-UFC MMA fights are numerous. A direct consequence of this is the fact that UFC’s numbers are easier to follow and are complete, unlike the general numbers for MMA, as we’ve discussed in our earlier article. Thus, the numbers we are going to present to you are both correct and precise, as they are official numbers provided by the UFC, the organisation in charge. 

Fighters with Most Wins in the UFC History
Jon Jones

Which Fighter Has the Most Wins in the UFC?

The record holder for most wins in the UFC, is – Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, a 37-year old American MMA fighter who actively participates in several combat sports from 2002. He has one professional boxing fight and a solid career in kickboxing, but has, since 2006, been working on his MMA career and is currently the fighter with most wins in the organisation. 

Although he has a record 23 wins in the UFC, which is a pretty solid number, Cerrone’s career numbers aren’t that brilliant. He has an overall record of 36-14-1 from a total of 51 fights. His UFC career started in 2011, after three years with the WEC, and his general record is solid, but not that brilliant. For example, his current streak extends to three losses in a row since 2019. 

Fighters with the Most Wins in the UFC History

Unlike some other records in the UFC, Cerrone’s 23 wins aren’t that safe. Namely, his direct follower has only one win less and is still active, like some of the fighters who have 20 wins and just a tad lower in the overall table, as you’ll see at the end of the article.

As you can see, UFC events, although not that rare, don’t allow for big streaks like MMA in general, which is why Cerrone’s 23 wins are really a terrific achievement. The same applies for all of the fighters who’ve managed to grab 20 or more wins in their careers. 

Number two on the list is Brazilian fighter Demian Maia, with a total of 22 wins. His overall record, from 38 fights, is 28-10, which is great for a 42-year old fighter. Maia’s MMA career started back in 2005 and he is currently the best Brazilian UFC fighter in terms of career wins.

Fighters with Most Wins in the UFC History
Georges St-Pierre

The third place is occupied by four fighters who collected 20 wins each. Englishman Michael Bisping and Canadian Georges St-Pierre are now retired and probably won’t increase their win tally, but Americans Jon Jones and Jim Miller might, as they’re still active.

Jones is also noteworthy because he’s the record holder when it comes to most wins in championship bouts; he has 14, just one more than the retired St-Pierre, who is also the only fighter in the top of both these lists. 

The 38-year old Mexican-American Diego Sanchez occupies spot number seven with a total of 19 wins. Since he’s still active, there is a possibility he might increase this number and join the more elite club od 20+ wins.

The last two places on out list are occupied by Brazilian Rafael dos Anjos and American Matt Hughes, both of whom have 18 wins; we have to stress that official UFC records don’t list Hughes.

The information was taken from the fighter’s personal site and is subject to revision. The UFC lists another six fighters with a total od 17 wins, but that would be too much for our table so we refer you to the UFC’s official records, available online to the public. 

Before we give you a final overview, we’ll discuss some honourable mentions. Firstly, we’ll mention the current record holders for most wins in one calendar year and they are Americans Roger Huerta and Neil Magny, both of whom have five wins in one calendar year. Huerta is now retired, collecting his wins during 2007, while Magny is still active, with his record dating back to 2014.

The other mentions are related to the highest winning percentage in the UFC. Most fighters don’t achieve a particularly high percentage in their careers (>90%), but there are some that manage to have (after retirement) or hold (while still active) such high numbers.

But there are currently only two MMA fighters who have a perfect (100%) winning series, with the main criteria being a minimum of 10 fights fought. The best is Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov, whose streak now extends to 12 wins out of 12 fight. Closely following is Nigerian Kamaru Usman, who has 11 wins out of 11 battles. 

Now that we have analysed the fighters and the numbers in textual form, we are going to give you a small overview of what we have talked about in table form so that you can have a better view of it all. 

Rank Fighter Nationality Division Wins
1 Donald Cerrone USA Lightweight / Welterweight 23
2 Demian Maia Brazil Welterweight /Middleweight 22
3 Jim Miller USA Lightweight / Catchweight 20
Jon Jones USA Light Heavyweight
Michael Bisping England Middleweight / Light Heavyweight
Georges St-Pierre Canada Welterweight / Middleweight
7 Diego Sanchez Brazil Lightweight / Welterweight /
8 Rafael dos Anjos Brazil Lightweight / Welterweight 18
Matt Hughes USA Welterweight / Catchweight

And that’s it for today’s analysis. Stay tuned for more of the same and see you next time.

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