Shocking Revelation: Ellis Barboza’s Drug Test Failure Leads to Ban and Stripped Victory!

In a stunning turn of events, ONE Championship fighter Ellis Barboza has been hit with a six-month ban and stripped of his recent victory over Thongpoon PKSaenchaigym. This dramatic outcome follows Barboza’s failed drug test at ONE Fight Night 17, where he initially secured a third-round TKO in a Muay Thai catchweight bout.

The December 8 fight has now been officially declared a no-contest, shaking the foundations of the martial arts community.

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The Fall of a Champion: Ellis Barboza’s Downfall

Ellis Barboza, a prominent British Muay Thai fighter, has found himself at the center of a scandal. After his remarkable performance at ONE Fight Night 17, it was revealed that he failed an in-competition drug test.

This shocking discovery has not only led to a six-month suspension but also resulted in the overturning of his win against Thongpoon PKSaenchaigym.

ONE Championship’s Stance on Drug Testing

ONE Championship, known for its rigorous standards, introduced drug testing protocols in 2022. The program, managed by International Doping Tests and Management, a subsidiary of Drug Free Sport International, aims to maintain the integrity of the sport. Barboza’s case marks a significant moment in 2024, as he becomes the first fighter this year to be caught in the testing net.

A Growing List of Offenders

Barboza now joins a notorious list of athletes who have fallen foul of ONE Championship’s drug testing. This list includes names like Petchtanong Petchfergus, Kairat Akhmetov, Julie Mezabarba, Martin Batur, and Jasur Mirzamukhamedov. Petchtanong, notably, was the only champion to be caught by the testing team, resulting in the stripping of his bantamweight kickboxing title and a one-year ban after failing an out-of-competition test last June.

Akhmetov also faced a similar fate with a six-month ban, derailing his shot at the flyweight championship against Demetrious Johnson.

The Impact on Barboza’s Career

This setback for Barboza raises questions about his future in the sport. The six-month ban not only tarnishes his reputation but also puts a halt to his rising career. The decision to overturn his win against Thongpoon adds to the gravity of the situation, leaving fans and critics alike wondering about the implications for his professional journey.

The Future of Drug Testing in Martial Arts

The case of Ellis Barboza underscores the ongoing battle against doping in martial arts. ONE Championship is at the forefront of this fight; the sports community is keenly observing how these stringent measures will shape the future of clean competition. The organization’s commitment to fair play and athlete health remains a critical aspect of its operations.


Ellis Barboza’s drug test failure and subsequent ban serve as a stark reminder of the consequences of doping in sports. As the martial arts world reels from this news, the focus intensifies on maintaining the integrity of the sport and ensuring a level playing field for all athletes.

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