Covington Predicts Usman-Masvidal Clash: 'This is the easiest bet of all time'

Covington Predicts Usman-Masvidal Clash: ‘This is the easiest bet of all time’

One of the best UFC welterweight fighter, Colby Covington, chose his favorite without too much thought.

Colby Covington will closely follow the events from the main fight of the UFC 251 event, because in the near future he could face a clash with Jorge Masvidal or a rematch with Kamaru Usman.

That’s why it was especially interesting to hear how ‘Chaos’ looks at that match and who is the favorite in his eyes.

And if you ask Colby it’s pretty clear and he seems to be predicting one tough night for the popular ‘Gamebred’.

“I think he (Masvidal) accepted what they offered him the first time, but now he realized he would be in trouble if he refused. In addition, he is aware that he jumps in a week before the show so he already has a ready apology after Marty scatters him around the cage this weekend,” Covington said in an interview with MMA Fighting, and continued fiercely on Masvidal:

“No, my friend. You had about six months to get ready, but you acted like you didn’t want to fight and wanted to stand up for all the fighters. But we all know you’re just a thirsty whore looking for money. House on Usman. It’s the easiest bet of all time. You’ll see, everyone will look for an apology for Masvidal right after the fight,” Colby concluded.

Do you agree with his forecast?

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