Costa Publishes The Most Impressive Photo Of His Appearance So Far And Also Mentioned Tyson

Costa Publishes The Most Impressive Photo Of His Appearance So Far And Also Mentioned Tyson

Paulo Costa likes to respond to frequent verbal attacks, that he did not come to his impressive appearance naturally, with an additional presentation of the same. And his latest Twitter post reveals to us how “Borrachinha” looks even stronger and more muscular than before.

The last man to criticize Costa’s appearance, calling him a cracked monkey, is his next opponent. Of course, it’s about the UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, who is looking forward to fighting the Brazilian. Costa never responds directly to such attacks, but his posts on social media can certainly be called an indirect response to such insinuations.

So it should come as no surprise that his new photo came very soon after the last post. Costa looks even meaner on it than before, and there are no comments next to it. In fact, there’s one name we can’t be sure what it should represent, but we all know very well who it is.

“Mike Tyson?” Costa wrote next to the aforementioned photo.

Is that how the UFC’s undefeated challenger enters the already larger group of those who have dubbed “Iron Mike”? Or maybe he just wants to compare his looks to what Tyson looked like in his “prime”? It’s hard to conclude this, as Costa likes to remain mysterious in similar announcements.

The comments below the post are as colorful as ever. From those who admire the Brazilian to those whose posts contain the acronym USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency). Costa is constantly dealing with the mentioned agency, but so far his every test has been negative, which would mean that his appearance really came about naturally. Strength and skill, created by a combination of nature and strenuous training, should be given him the opportunity to present in late summer or early fall.

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