Cormier Openly About Eye Stabs: 'I'm frustrated, negative people are tied to the negative!'

Cormier Openly About Eye Stabs: ‘I’m frustrated, negative people are tied to the negative!’

In the last episode of ESPN’s DC & Helwani show, Daniel Cormier commented on Stipe Miocic’s last interview, also on that TV station. Starting from the mood of the UFC champion all the way to some important items related to the fight he will do on August 15th. Cormier found himself looking intently at the whole conversation, but one characteristic left a special impression on him.

“He’s dreadful, Stipe is angry. I don’t know when Stipe became that angry guy, he used to be so nice. I think some switch in his head moved towards me. But I’m glad about that. Sounds like he’s training seriously and that he is doing a lot of things that we do too. That’s why I’m even more excited. He and I are preparing as much as possible under today’s conditions,” Cormier revealed.

After that, Helwani touched on a topic that is actually impossible to avoid. Wherever an interview of the two of them appears, wherever there is commentary or wherever there is an announcement, what is most mentioned are the finger stabs in the eyes, which Cormier made in both fights. There are especially rough fans here. Stipe said he would trust him not to do it on purpose, but he was also very frustrated by it and announced to the judge to specifically warn him to watch out for it.

“I know I’m not doing it on purpose and I’ve tried to fix it. I’m not as tall as these guys and even when sparring sometimes I just throw my hand, hit them with a punch that’s more like a slap. But when you have four-ounce gloves, where do you feel fingers outstretched and you have no protection for them, it happens. It’s awful to read how I suddenly became a dirty fighter. It frustrates me because I did my best every fight and I didn’t want to hit Stipe Miocic in the eye. But that happened. You know what, easy is to find such a mistake in a man who didn’t give you much of a chance to find his mistakes. That’s why everyone turned on me hitting Stipe in the eye because they had nothing else. Negative people are tied to the negative,” DC explained how it comes to what actually resulted in Miocic’s condition, which required therapy and a long recovery.

They also referred to one of Stipe’s answers. Namely, Cormier told him a few days ago to bring wrestling sneakers, to which Stipe angrily said that he thought they were going to fight, not wrestling, but that he would be ready for anything.

“I can fight him. If this was a stand-up fight for 25 minutes, I could fight him and beat him. The first fight we fought on our feet for five minutes, the second we fought for 20 minutes and I’m in all the time, except for the very end of the second fight, he was there. No part of me is afraid of Stipe Miocic, even though he won the second fight,” said DC, with a brief comment on what he will fight in a smaller cage and what it is that would go hand in hand with his fighting style:

“Because of the small cage, Stipe will look even bigger than he is. But the main thing is to fight and I’m focused on that. Fighting this guy and leaving him in the rearview mirror. This is going on for three years and I’m ready to leave it behind and continue with my life.”

Cormier will enter the Octagon for the last time this way. He announced that he intends to leave the sport while at the top. It is up to Stipe Miocic not to let him have pleasure.

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