Conor McGregor Was Offered a Fight Against Usman For The Welterweight Title

Conor McGregor’s coach: Motivated Conor can beat Usman

John Kavanagh, head coach of Conor McGregor, claims that the fight between the famous Irishman and Justin Gaethje was very close to realization, and he also commented on the prospects of his fighter in the welterweight division.

Conor and Gaethje have been repeatedly mentioned as possible rivals, and even the former UFC champion, after announcing his career break, cited the problems that arose around the negotiations for that bout as one of the reasons.

“I had a good plan, but they didn’t accept it. Whatever I suggested, they went against it just to show their power. They needed to match me and Justin’s fight for the interim title and so continue with everything,” Conor said at the time.

And his coach Kavanagh has now revealed that at one point they were really close to arranging that interesting clash.

“I think the fight with Gaethje is probably the best I can imagine because he has a style that suits Conor. Gaethje likes to march towards first and throw big punches. Besides, he doesn’t seem to worry too much about being able to receive a few. And Conor has always been very good in the role of a counter puncher. Although he is constantly moving forward, he has good responses to the attacks of his opponents. That fight was almost arranged. Obviously there is a coronavirus and all these events with the world … I think we could prepare these weeks for that duel if all this did not happen. But we are where we are and now we can only speculate, “Kavanagh said during a speech on social media.

We last saw McGregor in action when he knocked out Donald Cerrone in just 40 seconds earlier this year. That fight, let us remind you, took place in the welterweight division, and it is also a ‘place’ that could offer the Irishman several interesting options. Including the one with the current champion Kamaru Usman, who himself said that he was very interested in that option …

“Yes, that would be interesting. Obviously there is a difference in size … But look, whoever is around his weight class, if Conor is very motivated there, he can beat them all. He has that strength for knockouts even in that weight class, and if he dedicates himself to a serious training camp, I think he would win, ”the famous coach commented on the story around McGregor and Usman.

What do you think, does the Irishman have a chance in a bout with the ‘Nigerian Nightmare’?

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