Chimaev Told a Crazy Story About His Trip to Ireland: 'I went to find McGregor and beat him up!'

Chimaev Told a Crazy Story About His Trip to Ireland: ‘I went to find McGregor and beat him up!’

Khamzat Chimaev very quickly became an MMA fighter that the world of martial arts does not stop talking about. This welterweight delighted in his two appearances on Fight Island, where he dominantly defeated quality opponents both times. His quality, along with the charisma he also possesses, has resulted in great media interest. And in that case, there are interesting stories.

He presented one of these to Russian journalist Adam Zubayraev, who posted an interview with Khamzat on Instagram. Namely, a Chechen fighter from Sweden said that two years ago, while waiting for the fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor, frustrated by Conor’s statements, he decided to travel to Ireland. He intended to show Conor what he thought about it and not in a verbal way.

“I was an amateur at the time or I had maybe one professional fight. It was a time when he insulted Khabib and talked ugly about Zubaiira Tukhugov. He also talked about some guy from Chechnya who he knocked out in sparring. At that time no one knew who I was, but my mind was going crazy. As I actually live near him, I said I could do something. I was thinking of catching him on the street or in the hall and beating him up. That was what he deserved,” he said.

In the end, it was not just an idea. Namely, Khamzat decided to travel to Dublin and go to the SBG hall to train, with the aim of getting a chance to finish 1 on 1 with McGregor. His intention at that moment was to show why he really came there, that is, he wanted to deal with the most popular fighter in the world. However, something happened that he did not expect and for which even today there is no answer where the problem was. Namely, he landed in Ireland but did not leave the airport.

“I traveled to Ireland and landed at the airport. While I was waiting they stopped me briefly but then let me go. I went outside and when I wanted to get out of the airport they stopped me one more time. That time it was about guys in uniform. I think it was special forces. They caught me and said I couldn’t go anywhere. At that time my English was very bad and I didn’t really know what they wanted. Eventually, they took me to the police station and kept me there for eight hours “, said Khamzat, to continue about what happened then:

“There was no interrogation, they just kept me in a cell. I waited for about eight or nine hours, during which time I did sit-ups and push-ups. They didn’t bring me any food either. Then they just came and told me I had to go back to Sweden. They took me to the airport where a plane was waiting to take me home.”

He still regrets that he failed in his intention and hopes to meet McGregor one day. But this time he is only interested in the meeting in the UFC’s Octagon, within which he has already announced that he intends to raid the two divisions as soon as possible.

“Honestly, I wanted to beat him up. A lot of people thought I was coming to help him prepare for Khabib. And I went there to defend the honor and pride of my people, I went there for all of us. That it didn’t happen, if I got an opportunity to get to him, I don’t know what I would do, maybe I would throw something at him. Anyway, I was ready for anything,” revealed Chimaev, who is certainly better for his career because he failed in his intention.

After scoring two wins on Fight Island in just ten days apart, it looks like we could watch this fighter again as early as next month, on August 15 at the UFC 252 event. Dana White had already promised him that he would try to find him a place there.

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