Cejudo has already turned to challenges outside of MMA: ‘I’ll make him kneel before Oscar De La Hoya’

Former UFC double champion Henry Cejudo may have retired from MMA, but in another martial art he has found a new goal.

As things stand, ‘Triple C’ is turning to boxing and his desire to deal with young boxing star Ryan Garcia. These are the plans that Cejudo described in more detail about a month after he withdrew from MMA after winning the Dominic Cruz fight.

“I think I achieved everything I could in MMA, I’m an Olympic champion, and I’m also a champion in the fly and bantamweight divisions. In addition, I successfully defended both of those belts,” Cejudo told TMZ.

“Now I just want Ryan Garcia to kneel in front of me. I’m of the opinion that he’s not that good at all and I believe that with the right team and the right tactics I would make him kneel before the eyes of Oscar De La Hoya (his promoter, op.a.). I have everything I need for that: powerful punches, strength, experience … We want that match to come true, preferably in Saudi Arabia, and we already have a person who is ready to pay them both, now it’s all up to ‘Randy Candy ‘Garcia who needs to sign a contract,’ says the former UFC champion.

If Cejudo’s plans come true, then he could be welcomed in the next match by a 21-year-old American who owns the WBC Silver lightweight title. We should also point out that Garcia has been undefeated in his career so far with 20 victories from the same number of appearances, and he even celebrated with a stoppage 17 times. He is also a fighter who is considered by many experts to be one of the greatest talents of today.

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