Can You Learn Martial Arts Online?

Can You Learn Martial Arts Online?

In today’s world, people are turning to the internet for almost everything they could need.  Any information we could ask for is at our fingertips.  Shopping, reading, learning new skills, it is all just a click away.

People often wonder if they can effectively learn martial arts online. Martial arts are an incredible way to improve strength, endurance, balance, and cognitive ability and know the skills to defend oneself. Although nothing can quite compare to working with other people in a gym, it is possible to learn many necessary martial arts skills from the comfort of your own home.

Ultimately, it is possible to learn martial arts on the internet, but it isn’t ideal.  There are positives and negatives to learning martial arts online.  Here we discuss the pros and cons of each to better help you decide which form of martial arts training is best for you.

The Positives of Training at Home

With your phone or laptop, you can access online training videos from the comfort of your home. These are some of the benefits of online martial arts training. 

Train Any Time of Day or Night

With online access, you can tailor your training routine precisely to your schedule. Fitting in classes is easy, no matter what time of the day or night you are available to train.

Train No Matter Where You Are

Many areas have restrictions on where you can train. Not all locations have easy access to a gym. Additionally, you can take your practice with you wherever you go. If you travel for your job or you live somewhere remote, training is always available.

Take it at Your Own Pace

With online training, you can go at your own pace.  It is beneficial for people who are just beginning as well. It takes away a lot of the pressure and stress that going to your first in-person class might produce. It also is beneficial for people with hindered physical ability. If you have an injury or illness, online videos allow you to advance as slowly as you need.  

Train for as Long or Short as You Like

With the ease of access to online material, you can train for as long or as short as you would like. In-person classes with specific time slots force you to practice for the duration, but at home, you can go longer or shorter.

Can Be More Cost-Effective

Often online training programs cost a lot less than a gym membership. There are also hundreds of free online martial arts training videos on platforms like Youtube.

Access to World-Class Coaches

Online martial arts training programs allow you to access coaching from martial arts masters all around the globe. Professionals that you might otherwise not have access to

You Can Try Out Different Trainers

If you try a trainer and don’t like their style, you can switch it up. In a gym, you are stuck with the trainers they provide.

You Can Learn a Broad Range of Styles

There are so many different types and styles of martial arts. Learning on the internet gives you access to all of these to discover which type is best for you.

Memory and Refreshers

When training, it is so easy to forget what you have learned. With online access, you can rewatch your videos easily and as many times as you need to drill the practice into your mind. Additionally, suppose you move forward with your training and need a refresher on a particular skill. In that case, it is easy to look up a youtube video on it and quickly refresh yourself. 

Online Coaching Feedback 

Many online programs have features where you can film yourself and send it to the coach for feedback. Many online classes are via live video where your teacher can watch you in real-time and help you improve. 

Advantages of Training in Person

Nothing is quite like practicing a skill with other students in a gym setting.  These are some of the benefits of practicing martial arts in-person.

Physical Contact Sport

The main reason to train in person is that martial arts are mostly physical contact sports.  Much of the practice requires contact between two individuals.  When training at home, this is impossible, unless you have someone there to train with you. 


The martial arts community is a supportive and diverse group of individuals that strive to encourage and uplift one another. When you train on your own, you miss out on the incredible community. 

Real-life Application 

Training on your own does not allow you to apply your practice in a real setting. In a gym, you get hands-on training that you can use in real-life situations.  

Hard to Know Which Videos are Best

With no prior martial arts experience, it is difficult to know which type of practice is best for you. With over 170 varieties of martial arts, it can be hard to know what you should try.  

Feedback and Mentoring

It is often a lot harder for people to develop motivation for practice when they are on their own—having someone there to push you and pick you up when you aren’t feeling motivated can be a game-changer for you. 

Physical Corrections 

It can be dangerous to perform many of the martial arts moves if you have improper form. You can develop bad habits and even get injured if you are not training with a coach to form corrections.

Equipment and Training Area

Training at home does not allow you to utilize the equipment and space that practice in a gym provides. There is a long list of equipment used in martial arts training, and gathering all of this for your at-home classes might be expensive and complicated. 

The Adaptability of Training Material

Coaches can adapt the training material specifically to your needs. If you are training at home, you may not know the best material for you or what you should be focusing on.  

Final Thoughts 

While there are positives and negatives to online and in-person training, perhaps the most beneficial for someone pursuing martial arts training would be to incorporate both. This way, you can benefit from physical contact, community, equipment, and mentoring while refining your abilities on your own time. 

Although you can learn martial arts online, it should be used to supplement your in-person training and a tool to help propel you quicker while still training with a coach.

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