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The Best Taekwondo Uniforms Reach Your Goals 2023 From Beginner to Black Belt

Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best taekwondo uniforms out there.

If you’re in the market for a taekwondo uniform, then you shouldn’t buy a cat in the bag, so to speak. It’s important to have all your facts straight before you choose to make a purchase, and that’s exactly what this article is here for. In today’s article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best taekwondo uniforms on the market, judging them by their price, weight, and overall quality to decide whether they make a good fit for you.

We’ll also be taking a look at some of the most important things that you need to keep your eye on when you’re buying a taekwondo uniform, so make sure to stick with us until the end of the article to know the exact details you should look into before making a purchase.

Let’s get started!

Mooto Korea Taekwondo Uniform – Best Overall

This dobok is a great option if you’re looking to upgrade your gear and take it to the next, more professional level. The first thing we should mention is that it’s available in three colors: black, red and blue. This uniform is actually donned by many taekwondo demonstration teams, so you can be assured that it’s been field-tested.

It’s been redesigned to fit the size of your uniform based on your height – so you should always choose the size of your uniform based on the size chart that’s embedded with the link below. This adjustment was made because of the comments made by people all around the world who suggested that MOOTO Korea have to change their sizing practices, which they then did. The sleeve length is also adjusted, as it has an added 2 centimeters in comparison to the regular BS4 uniform.

The neck length and the side trim have also been adjusted for a more comfortable trim.

This uniform was actually developed in cooperation with Yonsei University by analyzing the relationship between fabric and sound in order to make a strong sound in the uniform. If you’d like to learn more about this experiment, Google “Experiment Analysis of Measuring Frictional Sound of Taekwondo Suits”.

Something that we definitely appreciate is the fair pricing for this suit, as it’s definitely not befitting of the ‘overpriced’ label. You’ll find that it’s inexpensive for the kind of quality it offers, and you’ll definitely be satisfied with it.

professionally develop uniformvery little information about this uniform is available on the internet
designed to fit you perfectly and to keep you as comfortable as possible
field-tested by demonstration teams
used actual scientific methods to develop
adjusted and upgraded design
very fair pricing
the uniform is also very well rated, as you’ll find out on your own if you check out the Amazon link

OPTIE 7.5 Oz Taekwondo Suit – Best for Budget

This suit is not only lightweight in actual weight, but with the pricing, as well. This is a high-quality uniform made from a poly-cotton blend, ensuring less wrinkling and minimum shrinking. Something that you should keep in mind, though, is that poly-cotton blends aren’t as nearly as good at drying your skin as pure cotton suits. 100% cotton is the most breathable material for clothes, and it’s allowing you to dry the sweat off. However, the poly-cotton blend isn’t as nearly as breathable and if that’s important to you, then you should probably avoid this product.

The whole uniform weighs only 7.5 ounces, which makes it very lightweight. The poly-cotton blend is generally known as a lightweight material that will keep you comfortable and warm. You also have the option of choosing between white and black V neck for the same price.

The pants have an elastic strap in the waist, so you can be sure that they’re not going to drop any time during the fighting, and you’re also going to get a white belt, as well. The shoulder was carefully tailored with neat car line technology to ensure that you feel that comfortable fit effect.

You’ll also notice that you have great freedom of movement with this uniform, as it’s made to fit comfortably. It’s also great that this uniform is enough for both more experienced fighters and beginners alike. This makes it a great choice for an aspiring fighter who still hasn’t become experienced, and for someone who’s just starting out and doesn’t know whether they’re going to commit to the sport and don’t want to spend too much money for no reason.

very cheap – this uniform definitely stands out with its pricebreathability – because of the blend used in the making of this uniform, it’s not as nearly as breathable as some other taekwondo uniforms
lightweight – weighing in at only 7.5 ounces, this uniform also qualifies as a lightweight one
poly-cotton blend – this is assuring that the uniform doesn’t shrink or wrinkle
variety of use – this uniform can be worn by both beginners and more experienced fighters

Tiger Claw 7.5 Oz White Taekwondo Student Uniform – Best for Lightweight

If you’re looking for a uniform that won’t feel heavy when you’re wearing it – you just found your match. Many people insist on lightweight uniforms because of the general comfortable feel and because of the mobility it provides. Taekwondo uniforms usually come in many different sizes and weights, and they are lightweight alongside heavyweight uniforms.

The largest advantage of a lightweight uniform is the fact that it leaves its wearer with a comfortable aftertaste post-fight. When you’re constantly moving, maneuvering, and grappling, you’ll notice that you’re constantly sweating and you’re constantly feeling that weight on your shoulders from the straining provided by the uniform. However, when you’re wearing a lightweight uniform, the general feel you get is much more comfortable and it will strain you less, so you’ll be sweating less.

This uniform is made with a poly-cotton blend that weighs 7.5 ounces, and the same thing we said about breathability regarding the previous insert applies to this uniform, as well. However, this allows for fewer wrinkles to form and for minimal shrinking.

The pants have an added additional inseam with a drawstring to make them elastic, which ensures that they don’t fall down. You also get a white belt with this uniform.

Many fighters prefer to wear lightweight uniforms over more durable, heavyweight uniforms because of the comfort they provide.

very lightweight – the 7.5 ounces in weight ensures for you to get that light feel and that you’re comfortable at all timeslow breathability because of the poly-cotton blend used
no wrinkling – the poly-cotton blend is here to ensure very little wrinkling and shrinking

Pro Force 6 oz LightWeight Student Uniform – Best for Kids

Something that you’re always going to want to keep in mind when you’re buying clothes for your child is durability, which is a nightmare for parents, especially parents with crazily active kids. Kids are known to rip clothes constantly, as most clothes aren’t exactly built to be put under the kind of stress kids usually put those clothes under. So, when you’re buying a taekwondo uniform for your child, you always want to buy something that’s going to last longer and won’t just rip after the first few training sessions.

The uniform is sturdy with a comfortable feel and easy to train in without distractions. The stitching on this uniform assures you that the uniform won’t rip and you won’t have to worry about having to stitch it back or buy a new uniform. Since the uniforms are worn just to cover the body while it’s flexing during punching and kicking, it’s very easy for the wearer to rip a uniform.

But this uniform will stand firmly against wear and tear for a few years, or at least until your child outgrows it. That’s why the fit and the sizing of this uniform is very easy to check as there’s a simple chart. The smallest size this uniform comes in is 3 feet, then 3 feet and 6 inches, 4 feet to 4 feet and 3 inches, 4 feet 4 inches to 4 feet 5 inches, 4 feet 6 inches to 4 feet 8 inches, 4 feet 9 inches to 5 feet 1 inch, 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet and 5 inches, 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 10 inches and lastly, 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet.

This way, you can rest assured that you won’t mistakenly buy the wrong size of the uniform and that it will always fit well.

This uniform is also very lightweight, weighing in at only 6 ounces, which is considerably lighter than our previous uniform, but this is a children’s uniform so it’s completely expected for it to be lighter.

The traditional cut of this uniform allows greater mobility. The lightweight taekwondo uniform jacket and elastic drawstring waistband give you great comfort and freedom of movement without any distractions. Feeling comfortable when wearing a uniform is absolutely crucial as it ensures that the wearer has maximum mobility. A constricting uniform is never good, as it restricts the wearer’s movements, and you don’t want that to happen when fighting.

The pricing of this uniform is also very fair. Children’s uniforms usually don’t cost too much, as they’re much easier to make, and this uniform follows that suit. You’ll see that you don’t have to break the bank if you’re going to buy this uniform.

fits every child – different sizes of uniforms ensure that they can fit any child from a height of 3 feet to 6 feetsome users complain that the fitting is too large
durability – you’re more likely to see your child grow out of the uniform than them ripping the uniformthe poly-cotton blend allows for little wrinkling, but also isn’t too breathable or bendable
lightweight – this is a lightweight children’s uniform, weighing only 6 ounces, which ensures more comfort and mobility
pricing – this uniform is very fairly priced

Adidas Taekwondo Fighter III Dobok – Premium Option

If money isn’t a problem, then you should definitely take this uniform into consideration. The truth is, this uniform is very expensive, but that’s for a good reason.

Firstly, it’s WTF approved – meaning that the World Taekwondo Federation approved it for competitions and other formal events. This means that it was specifically designed for competition fighters.

Add to that the fact that it’s 100% polyester, which guarantees that there’s going to be very little to no shrinkage. It’s actually expected for a uniform to shrink at least for a little bit when you’re washing it in the washing machine for the first time, but polyester uniforms don’t have this problem. It’s also not going to wrinkle. There’s a drawback to this, though, and it’s actually the only obvious drawback we could find with this uniform.

Remember how we explained that poly-cotton blends aren’t as nearly as breathable as 100% cotton uniforms? Well, this uniform is 100% polyester, meaning that it has terrible breathability in comparison to 100% cotton uniforms. This means that the sweat your body produces won’t be drying the way you’d ideally want it to dry. Aside from that, there really aren’t any other major faults with this uniform.

However, Adidas makes up for that with Climacool, the technology they use with many of their products, which supplies ventilation and moisture management to create a cooling effect. Increases breathability, and reduces discomfort due to moisture build-up and overheating.

This uniform is purely white with the classical Adidas’ three stripes on both shoulders and on the lower part of both leggings. The V-neck is also black. This uniform also makes a great fit, and you’re very unlikely to be witnessing any problems with the fitting.

The durability of this uniform is absolutely insane, as you’re surely not going to be ripping it any time soon. You’ll notice that polyester is somewhat more durable than cotton, and it’s likely going to last longer. On top of that, polyester is also more elastic than cotton, allowing your uniform to be pulled and fit back into place, instead of ripping or stretching.

You should also pay attention to the manufacturer. Adidas is a well-known brand that’s famous all around the world for its athletic equipment for all sports and we’ve been lucky enough to be graced with yet another product from their factory regarding martial arts. Adidas is arguably the world’s best manufacturer of sports equipment, and all athletes love their equipment. It’s important to know who to count on when you’re buying your equipment and to buy from manufacturers that definitely won’t disappoint you.

durability – the 100% polyester uniform is always going to make for a very durable fit and you won’t have to worry about it ripping, shrinking or wrinklinglowered breathability because of polyester
Climacool technology – even though polyester isn’t as breathable as cotton, Climacool technology is here to help you out with drying your sweat
a trusted manufacturer – Adidas is the foremost name in the world of sports and they’re definitely a name to be trusted
WTF approved

Mooto Korea Taekwondo Poomsae Uniform – Honorable Mention

Even though it didn’t make the category, we believe that this uniform definitely deserves a mention. The first thing you’ll notice about it is the fact that there’s both a male and a female uniform available. Both of those uniforms are WTF approved and they come in more than a single color.

They’re also 100% polyester, ensuring that there are very little shrinkage and wrinkling.

Adidas All Black Open Martial Arts Uniform – Best Durability

You really get what you pay for with Adidas, and this uniform is another great example of durability because of smart material use. Something that far too few people understand is that no uniform can last forever, but you can certainly increase your odds by purchasing a uniform that was made by a trusted manufacturer and a uniform that’s going to hold up with time.

This all-black uniform is very durable and you can surely count on it for a long time to come, as it’s definitely going to hold up against wear and tear, as much as against the everyday abuse you’re going to provide it with. There isn’t much more to say about it.

Guide to Buying Taekwondo Uniforms

There are a few things you should always keep in mind when you’re looking for that perfect uniform.

Durability heads the list, as you don’t want to buy a uniform that’s going to start ripping apart quickly or a uniform that can’t stand through wear and tear for a long time. When you’re gauging durability, know that polyester is usually more durable than cotton, but it’s also less breathable.

This leads us to our second point – breathability. Despite polyester is great for durability, cotton is much better for breathability. If you’re looking for a more breathable uniform, you should definitely stick with cotton uniforms, rather than polyester or poly-cotton blends.

The manufacturer is also important. It isn’t without reason that we’ve mentioned Adidas twice on this list – buying from a verified manufacturer is crucial as you know that you have guaranteed support. Another important aspect of this is the fact that these manufacturers are most often very transparent, and you can easily give them feedback if something isn’t right.

You should also keep the users’ comments in mind when you’re choosing your uniform. Each product has a review and comment area at the bottom of the site, so make sure to scroll down and take a look at those comments – they may help you dodge a bullet.

Sizing – make sure to see if the uniform is sized properly, as there are many uniforms out there that are too large or too small for the size you order. When you add shrinking to that, there’s a whole other mess created and you don’t want that.

Our Verdict

Mooto Korea’s Taekwondo Uniform is by far the best uniform on this list, barring Adidas’s premium uniform. Something that we always keep in mind when creating these lists is that the premium entry is going to draw a lot of attention to itself, but it isn’t necessarily the best entry on the list – it’s definitely the most expensive one and the one offering the most features, but the Best Overall is something that we would recommend.

What’s great about this uniform is that it’s commonly worn by many demonstration teams, meaning that it’s field-tested and you shouldn’t be surprised if you saw it on TV. It’s also been professionally and scientifically developed in cooperation with a university so that scientific element added to the product is something to keep an eye on.

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