Best Taekwondo Shoes

Best Taekwondo Shoes [2023]

If you’re into martial arts, not just taekwondo, you’ll know that you need to keep yourself protected at all times. However, this saying doesn’t mean that you should only keep yourself protected from your opponent at all times – it also means that you have to take care of your health. This means that choosing a good pair of shoes can be crucial when it comes to keeping yourself safe.

There are numerous benefits to wearing shoes when training, including better support and hygiene – we’ll cover all of that later. Today, however, we’ll mainly be focusing on providing you with a list of taekwondo shoes you definitely need to take a look at if you’re training.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Adidas Adi Kick II – Best Overall

adidas® Kick Shoes Martial Arts Sneaker White with Black Stripes (4)
  • A very light shoe with good fit and grip rubber outsole.

Buying from a verified manufacturer is always a big plus, but when that manufacturer is actually putting their money where their mouths are, it’s an even bigger hit. Adidas’s Adi Kick II is an upgrade on the previous model, and despite the latest model definitely having very few faults, this newer model takes it to the next level.

Adi Kick II is made with more durable materials and it’s made to keep up with the extremes that martial artists put them through. It’s essential that the shoes you’re wearing are able to keep up with the sort of pressure you’ll be putting them on. Know that you’ll be kicking all the time, and you will definitely find it hard to keep a single pair of shoes for a long time if they’re not made from high-quality materials. Adi Kick II is guaranteed to last for a long time, and you won’t have to worry about wearing them down.

These shoes are made with PU materials, which ensures durability

It also doesn’t matter what sort of martial arts are you interested in – as these shoes make a great fit. Sure, they’re marketed as taekwondo shoes, but they make for a decent fit for any sport. The design is very lightweight, allowing you to take the pressure off your foot and focus on advancing your footwork.

The synthetic leather used to make these shoes is soft on the foot, yet strong enough to take your kicks. What’s awesome about these shoes is the fact that the laces are covered up with a piece of leather, which makes your shoes even more padded than usual. Fewer laces will be coming in contact with your foot – which will ensure that you feel less pressure when kicking, while the lacing system will keep your ankles even more secure.

The laces are actually less exposed than with other models. The laces remain mostly covered up by leather, allowing for great stability around the ankles! The laces tightened towards the ankles and that makes for a stable fit, while also making it unlikely for the shoes to slip off during training.

A rubber outsole is also placed on these shoes, allowing the manufacturers to place pivot points on the sole. You’ll definitely be making some quick turns, and if you want to make them without twisting your foot, these pivot points can be crucial.

Adidas is arguably the world’s best manufacturer of sports equipment, and all athletes love their equipment. It’s important to purchase your gear from manufacturers who you believe are reliable.

When you’re choosing a shoe, it should fit your foot tightly, but comfortably at the same time. Some users complain that the fit is too tight, which makes it uncomfortable. Other users, on the other hand, say that the fit is just right and they don’t understand where all the complaints are coming from. The design will fit nicely around the curves of your feet, and it’s surely going to provide you with a breathable fit.

You should keep this in mind if you need a wider fit, as these shoes may be considered too narrow. Adidas recommends that you choose a pair that’s one size smaller than your regular wear, as the fit is made like that.

Even though people have complained that the shoes are uncomfortable due to their narrowness, these people are in the minority. Most users actually report that the shoes fit wonderfully and that they’re very comfortable. Adidas is generally known for making very comfortable products.

It’s especially important to stay comfortable during physical exercises, and it’d be terrible to have to deal with blisters midway through training – these shoes won’t allow for that to happen. These shoes fit so well that you’ll forget that you’re even wearing them.

To that, we can add the fact that they’re fairly priced. These shoes aren’t very expensive, and that makes them a great choice – you don’t have to break the bank for them. Many professionals use these shoes and it’s odd to think that you can get them at a relatively cheap price, but it’s true.

durable and strong materials that are going to keep your shoes in good conditionsome users find the fit to be too tight which makes the shoe uncomfortable
great support for your ankles because of the improved lacing system
covered laces assure that there’s less pressure on the top of your foot when kicking
great pivot points that allow for safer turning
comfortable padding
reliable manufacturer
adidas Adi-Kick 2 Tae Kwon Do, Martial Arts Shoes, Sneaker (11 M US) White
  • A very light shoe with good fit and grip rubber outsole.
  • Short lace for better fixation on foot.
  • Updated Version Of Adidas Adi-kick
  • PU material.
  • Features rubber soles with pivot points

TOP ONE-Martial Arts Sneakers – Best for Budget

If you’re buying on a tight budget, you never want to go over that budget. These shoes will make sure that you’re kept in line with that.

Not being able to spend the largest amount of money isn’t necessarily a curse, as there are many shoes available for a good price, while still being good enough to qualify as something that you’d like to buy.

Let us present you with these martial arts sneakers.

These shoes are great if you’re on a tight budget, and they can be used for more than taekwondo. You can go running and jogging in them, as well.

What’s great is that they’re unisex, and come in two colors: black and white.

Their soles are much thinner than some other shoes from their competition, which can be thought of as an advantage or as a disadvantage, depending on where you stand. If you’re looking for shoes with a better grip to the ground, then you’re always going to be looking for shoes that are blessed with thicker padding.

However, if you’re looking to be quicker with your feet, then the thinner padding will be seen as a blessing. This means that the foot-to-ground effect isn’t as effective as it is with thicker soles, but if you’re looking to remain quick, then that isn’t a problem.

What’s awesome about them is that they’re very lightweight – probably the lightest out of all the shoes on this list. This means that you won’t even feel them on your feet, and you’ll definitely appreciate the breathability they’ll provide you with.

The leather used in the design is very soft, and that amounts to them being so breathable and light. The softness and thinness of the soles allow for great pivoting ability, not pressing you down to the floor and allowing you to move more quickly and with less pressing.

One thing you definitely should keep in mind is the padding that comes with these shoes – many users complain that it isn’t thick enough and that’s the reason some users find the shoes uncomfortable. However, this allows for the shoes to be more slender.

Aside from that, these are great shoes at a very low price.

very cheapsole found to be too thin for good support
thin soles that provide great pivotingthin padding (some users find this uncomfortable)
breathable materials
unisex with two designs
useful for more activities
T.O.P ONE Kung Fu Martial Arts Parkour Shoes,Rubber Sole Sneakers-Black 46(Men 12|Women 13)
  • Unisex Chinese Traditional Sneaker for Kung Fu,Parkour,Taekwondo,Running and Jogging.
  • Rubber sole:Lightweight and flexible.
  • Canvas upper:Wear-resistant and breathable.
  • Black and white shoes for men,women and kids.
  • Thousands of martial artists are choosing our shoes.

Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes – Best Premium

If you feel that you’re ready to spend an extra buck to go that extra mile – then Century’s Lightfoot shoes might be exactly what you’re looking for!

The pliable and breathable materials used in the making of these shoes are here to ensure that your foot is always breathing, as it’s made from lightweight, yet tough synthetic leather. The rubber sole is using no-mark technology, meaning that you won’t be leaving any marks on the mats and you’ll be keeping your coach happy. The slide-proof grip is ensuring that you’re not trampling over and that your foot isn’t sliding.

The materials we mentioned provide a comfortable alternative to bare feet. What’s also great about this is that these shoes will fit anyone and work for anyone; beginners, just as much as experienced fighters.

The materials used are exceptionally durable and can definitely withstand overworking them. It’d be wrong to say that these shoes are restricted to any sort of movement or use. The materials ensure that your foot is sweating less. Sweat is normal for any activity, but the breathability of this shoe allows your foot to sweat less. Another benefit is the fact that problems that relate to this, the athlete’s foot, for example – are all definitely going to decrease as the growth of fungi is reduced.

The durability of the materials allows for the shoes to be worn for a long time before having to purchase another pair.

Just like the Adi Kick II, these shoes are equipped with pivot points on the soles. This allows you to twist your legs and turn quickly without fearing that you’ll actually hurt yourself. This is great if you want to improve your footwork and it won’t alter any of your movements.

The fit is somewhat larger than with other shoes, and that’s definitely something that you should keep in mind when you’re deciding on your footwear.

very light – these shoes put a great deal of focus on weightpossible issues because of sizing
breathable – the materials ensure that your foot can breathe
durability – the high-quality materials will make sure that you don’t have to renew your pair every once in a while
Century Lightfoot Martial Arts Shoes, Black, Size 13
  • The Century light foot martial art shoes were specially designed for the martial arts, featuring Special pivot points that help you move and turn on a dime
  • These lightweight shoes feature rubber soles for excellent traction, and the pliable material conforms to your foot while allowing you to move around as you need
  • The synthetic leather material is available in your preferred color for a reliable pair of martial arts shoes that will help you improve your technique

Adidas Men’s Combat Speed.5 – Honorable Mention

Even though Century takes the crown for Best Premium taekwondo shoes, we feel that it’d be unfair to finish the list without these shoes. They’re a slight improvement on the regular Adi Kick II.

Take everything that you’ve read about Adi Kick II and add more breathability, durability, and lighter materials – that’s what this is. They’re priced according to size, so they don’t all cost the same. We won’t spend too much time talking about it here, but if you feel like you want to check it out.

adidas Men’s Combat Speed.5, Black/Silver Metallic/Black, 11.5 M US
  • Full-length one-piece outsole
  • Elastic ankle strap
  • Mesh upper with synthetic leather and suede overlays

Adidas Men’s HVC Speed Shoe – Best for Speed

Although they’re often marketed as wrestling shoes, this pair is a great example of adaptability to different disciplines along with speed. The first thing you’ll notice about them is the simplicity of their design. This is accompanied by style and elegance, and they definitely take the top spot on the list when it comes to the most beautiful shoes.

The most noticed benefit of these shoes is comfort – as they’re often said to be very comfortable, on top of being quick. This comfort comes from the use of high-quality materials that allow for great padding, ensuring that the shoe has great support for the athlete.

As the name of the shoe explains – it’s built for speed. You’ll notice that it’s sleeker than any other shoe on this list, and the materials used in the design of these shoes are very lightweight – this allows for you to feel nothing of it and to fight as quickly as if you were barefoot.

They allow for a great grip, ensuring that they’re never even remotely slipping off of your foot.

The sole is completely rubberized, ensuring that you have a great grip on the floor. However, it’s thin – this allows for the shoes to move quickly, much quicker in comparison to other models on this list.

Something that you’re bound to notice is the breathable mesh on the side of the shoe. It ensures that your foot is breathing properly while you’re moving and that you’re not threatened by the feeling of a sweaty foot and the development of the athlete’s foot.

What’s awesome is the ankle support! As you can see, the shoe has a high-top style, meaning that the fabric is going over the ankle. The breathable mesh is flexible, which ensures flexibility of movement, while the fabric holding your ankle in place offers support.

absolutely beautiful and stylish designsome users complain of stiffness
great support for the ankles while keeping flexibilitythin sole, despite allowing speed, doesn’t offer too much stability
very good grip on any sort of surfaceexpensive
thin sole accompanied by lightweight materials allows for very quick movements
mesh ensures breathability
incredible comfort due to high-quality materials used
adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoe, Black/White, 7
  • adidas male wrestling shoe
  • The adidas brand has a long history and deep-rooted Connection with sport. Everything we do is rooted in sport
  • Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation as well as decades of accumulating sports science expertise, we cater for all, from elite professional athletes and teams to any individual who wants to make sport part of their lives

Adidas Taekwondo ADILUX Shoes – Best Shoes with No Laces

It seems that all we talk about are Adidas shoes, but the fact is – they’ve got some quality gear. We took notice of the amazing no laces technology, and we believe that it’s really taken to a next level with this model of shoes.

Laces, or lack thereof, are found to be very important with martial arts because of kicking. Whenever you’re kicking with the top of your foot, you’ll definitely feel pressure at the top of your foot. That pressure is actually the knot of your laces being pressed into your foot, causing pain. Sometimes, if you kick hard enough, you can even feel laces being pressed into your foot.

Even though this can’t cause any damage to your foot, it can definitely hurt you and distract you from fighting. That’s why fighters prefer shoes without laces, as they’re much more comfortable than laced shoes. ADILUX made a great design that features no laces on the top of the shoe, allowing you to fight in whatever way you’d like!

These indoor martial arts shoes are made to just be slipped on without any tying – and you’re ready to go!

Pivoting is an important point of these shoes, as the sole of the shoe is covered with pivot points. This makes the shoe great for kickers and anyone who needs to move quickly under large angles.

The pivot points, along with the rest of the sole, are completely unmarkable – meaning that they won’t leave any marks on a mat.

The lightweight arch is there to support the forefoot and rearfoot, which allows for them to move independently – for better surface adaptation and stability. Arch support is minimal with these shoes.

They’re found to be narrow. However, they stretch very quickly, so you don’t have to worry about them not fitting your foot – that’s only going to happen in the beginning.

these shoes are amazing at pivotingminimal arch support
there are no laces on these shoes, meaning that you won’t feel any pain when kickingpricey
they adapt to your foot and stretch
unmarkable sole
adidas Taekwondo Adilux Shoes (4, White W/Gray Stripe)
  • Indoor training shoes Slipper without lace
  • 3 Part TORSION Sole support for mid foot
  • Non-markable rubber sole pivot points under front foot and heal
  • TORSION: Lightweight arch support that allows the forefoot and rear foot to move independently, for better surface adaptation and stability
  • Men’s U.S. Sizing

Traditional Cloth Tai Chi Old Beijing Shoes – Lightest Taekwondo Shoes

These are the shoes you’ve most likely seen in all martial arts movies, as they’re traditional with all martial arts cultures. These shoes are also the lightest ones on this list while being incredibly simplistic in design.

The iconic design is something that’s recognized by many. The black cover accompanied by white soles is a timeless design that’s become beloved by many people. However, the beauty that’s found in these shoes isn’t the reason we put them on the list. The reason is the simplicity of the design which makes these shoes incredibly light and definitely worth a look if you’re looking for a pair that’s going to keep your feet comfortable.

They’re actually simple canvas shoes, made from the simplest of materials. Even though they’re made from simple fabric, they’re still going to offer a lot of stability for the foot.

The reason that these shoes are so beloved by martial arts masters and trainees is that they’re so light and don’t restrict the movement of the foot in any way, but still provide stability because of the sole that’s made from rubber. You always remain well-footed in the ground this way, but you’re not even going to feel that shoe on your foot.

They’re also going to keep your feet clean, and you won’t have to worry about whether the floor is dirty.

What’s interesting is that there are many people who wear these shoes for leisure, not because they’re practicing martial arts. Not everyone is wearing them when fighting or training, and they’re so light and breathable that they’re enjoyed by many people outside the world of martial arts.

They’re very breathable, and that’s definitely something that has to be taken into account – the simple materials used in the creation of these shoes assure that you don’t have to wear socks when you’re wearing them, and you can truly wear them anywhere.

Many people insist on wearing them indoors because they’re so simple and they can be kept clean very easily.

incredibly light – simple materials used with these shoes ensure that you don’t feel them on your feetdurability – these shoes are made from simple materials and you’re likely going to have to renew your collection once a year
breathable – the same materials ensure breathability
traditional style – Old Beijing style is iconic and it’s definitely noticed by everyone
good support – despite their simple design, they still offer support
inexpensive – these shoes don’t cost too much
APIKA Chinese Traditional Old Beijing Shoes Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes Rubber Sole Unisex Black (CHN45 (US:Men 11/Women 12))
  • Simple, yet Comfortable to wear
  • Traditional, Old Beijing cloth shoes, yet Stylish
  • Slip-on style, Casual, Suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Canvas top, Anti slip Rubber sole, with great Flexibility and Durability
  • Great choice for Martial arts, Kungfu, Tai chi, Hip-hop, Parkour, Rock, Wushu, Favorite of FASHION young people

Ringside Power Boxing Shoes – Best for Support

These shoes can easily be described as a powerhouse, as they’re built to keep your foot safely supported in the fabric. Even though they’re marketed for boxing, they’re applicable for more martial arts (not just boxing and taekwondo).

The first thing you’ll notice about them is the sturdiness of the style – they’re built to keep your foot safe and to ensure that you absolutely never twist your ankle. You’ll notice that it’s a high-top design, meaning that the shoe is extending above your ankle. This is something many athletes look for, as the ankles belong to the most easily-twisted group of joints, unlike the shoulder, for example.

The quality of the design is definitely deserving of a few points, but the durability raises a few question marks. Many users complain about durability, saying that the shoes don’t last too long, and that’s something that definitely needs to be taken into account. However, the materials used in the design ensure that your foot is wrapped safely and that you don’t have to worry about twisting it.

It’s insanely comfortable, though, and the rubberized sole is great at keeping you well-grounded, without tripping and falling over. This allows you to be more agile while feeling comfortable at the same time. If you’re an athlete, you know that any discomfort is easily noticeable and it’s definitely a distraction. You don’t have to worry about that with these shoes.

The ankle strap provides great support, and it’s definitely one of the biggest selling points of these shoes. To that, a mesh construction is accompanied, assuring that there’s proper ventilation during your training.

great support – this shoe is very sturdy, assuring that you don’t hurt yourselfdurability – many users report that the shoes start to fall apart too quickly
fine materials – materials used with these shoes allow them to be supportive while being comfortable at the same timequestionable pivoting – the sturdy build doesn’t allow for too much agility
ankle strap – the ankle strap is ensuring that you don’t twist it
great sole rubberization – this allows for better grip to the floor
breathable mesh – more ventilation in the shoe ensures that you sweat less
versatility – worn with many martial arts
Ringside Power Wrestling Boxing Shoes
  • Grooved rubber sole
  • Hook & Loop ankle strap
  • Reinforced toe tip for pivoting
  • Breathable mesh/suede construction

Guide to Buying Taekwondo Shoes

When you’re looking for that perfect pair of taekwondo shoes, there are a few aspects that you have to keep in mind.

Firstly – durability. You never want to buy a product that’s going to start falling apart within a year. That’s why it’s important to take a look at the materials used when making the shoes. It’s crucial to get your money’s worth. This will also have a great deal of effect on breathability.

Some materials are more breathable than others, and while some manufacturers may focus on more durable materials, this often means that the shoe is less breathable. In that case, you’ll be witnessing a good performance, but you’ll also be noticing that your foot’s sweating. It’s difficult to balance both durability and breathability, and that’s why shoes that offer both usually don’t come at a low cost.

Another thing you should keep in mind is support. Shoes with thicker, more rubberized soles usually offer much more support and keep you much more stable. If you lose that stability, you’ll notice that it’s much easier to trip you over. This is why most fighters insist on buying shoes with thicker soles. However, these soles directly affect speed because they’re heavier. Shoes with thinner soles are much lighter and they allow you to have quicker feet movement.

Lacing is another important aspect of this. Newer technologies allowed footwear manufacturers to create shoes that don’t require lacing. We have a few examples of those shoes on the list, and this is great for you because having laces on the top of your foot is always going to cause some discomfort and/or pain when you’re striking your opponent.

There are great examples of shoes that lace up on the ankles and don’t hurt the top of your foot. That way, you have more support on your ankles and less pressure on the top of your foot. Make sure to look into the no-lace technology before you buy.

Lastly, we’d like to mention pricing. Most of the shoes on this list are fairly priced, but there are many shoes with ridiculously high prices that definitely aren’t worth that much. Be on the lookout for any scams by online sellers.

Our Verdict

adidas Adi-Kick 2 Tae Kwon Do, Martial Arts Shoes, Sneaker (11 M US) White
  • A very light shoe with good fit and grip rubber outsole.
  • Short lace for better fixation on foot.
  • Updated Version Of Adidas Adi-kick
  • PU material.
  • Features rubber soles with pivot points

We have already decided that Adidas Adi Kick II is the best pair of shoes on this list. Overall, they really cover all the bases, and the added benefit of covered laces only adds another bonus to that list. Something that’s not taken into account often enough is the fact that these shoes are made by a reliable manufacturer and that’s something you should always look for when buying any sort of sports gear.

The Adi Kick series, be it the first or the second model, is beloved by martial arts athletes and you should definitely consider them a strong contender for the top spot. It’s also notable that these shoes are made from durable materials, and they’re not overpriced at that, so you’ll surely face very few problems when you’re using them.

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