Best Speed Bags

Best Speed Bags [2021]

I have tested a series of speed bags during my last couple of months of martial arts training, and have found the RDX Speed Ball to be the best option for speed bag training.  

Speed bag training, also sometimes called speedball training, is fundamental in every boxer’s or martial artist’s training career. I have personally been using them ever since I started training in martial arts and combat sports, so I know how valuable they are and also how important it is for these products to be high-quality and durable. 

I think the RDX Speed Ball is the best choice because it is one of the most durable speed bags I have ever personally trained with, and it is made of high-quality materials that not only make it look good but also make it last very long. 

In this text, I will be reviewing a bunch of speed bags that I think are worth their money, and also give some tips on how to buy these items in the first place. If you are starting out on your martial arts or combat sports journey and don’t know which one to choose or are just interested in them, this article is meant for you! 

I broke down these products according to separate “best for X” titles, so you can get an easier grip on which of these products exactly is meant for you. 

If you are interested in finding out more, read on!

RDX Speed Ball – Best Overall

Best Speed Bags [2021]Best Speed Bags [2021]

This RDX Speed Ball is the best overall product in my opinion in the speed bag category. It is the most fun to use, one of the best in terms of material quality, with a great design and also optimal speed during use. 

This speed bag is made from genuine cowhide leather and high-quality cotton, resulting in awesome durability and a great, high-quality feel. One of the most important aspects of a great speed bag or speed ball is the material it is made from. Of course, heavy bags and other items used in combat sports should also be made of high-quality materials, however, a speed ball gets probably the toughest beating of all other items. When working on a speed ball, especially if an experienced person is doing it, the bag swivels at very high speeds and quite powerful as well, for minutes or hours at a time. 

The material quality of the RDX speed bag is one of the reasons it is my favorite speedbag, and also the best bag overall on this list. 

It also has an eye-catching, sporty design, which isn’t really the most important of features when it comes to a high-quality speed bag, but it does add to the overall value of the item. It also makes training more fun and can make the gym you are training at (or your home) look a lot better. It also shows that there was the added attention to detail, which is always a great thing to know. 

Another important feature of the RDX Speed Ball, which surprisingly a lot of speed balls fail to deliver even though it is very important, is the perfectly manufactured shape. Though traditionally, speed balls were completely round, that doesn’t make for the best training object. Speed bags are repeatedly struck from one direction, and they are supposed to bounce back in a straight line. Occasional changes in direction are made by the striker, but the bag should always return in a straight line. A ball that is not manufactured correctly, aka is either completely round or oval, will not rebound in a straight line, and will be harder to keep punching steadily. 

The RDX Speed Ball is manufactured in a way that it will always follow the lead of your punches and will rebound straight from the board, provided you keep proper care of the stitching and the bladder, the latter of which is made of non-tear, high-quality rubber. 

If you are interested in the overall best speed bag you can purchase on Amazon.

Meister SpeedKills Leather Speed Bag with Lightweight Latex Bladder – Best Budget Option

Best Speed Bags [2021]Best Speed Bags [2021]

This product is the absolute best product for anyone who is only starting out on their boxing/martial arts journey since it is affordable, yet surprisingly good in quality. 

As another guarantee of quality, it received the Amazon’s Choice badge, which can serve as extra reassurance. In my personal experience, it lacks a couple of details that the RDX or some other higher-end speed bags have, but for its price and availability, it is second to none. 

It is, surprisingly, made out of genuine cowhide leather, which is one of the best materials any speedbag can be made out of due to its durability and realistic texture. Also, this bag comes with a lightweight latex bladder, which is often the second-best option after rubber. 

You can also order this product in 3 different sizes, depending on the exact type of training you are planning to do or the weight class you are in. Aside from this, the product also has an amazing premium design with a minimalistic black base with golden accents. This added flair makes it look like it is worth 3 times as much as the actual price that you are going to pay for one of these. 

Also, this speed bag is centered and balanced perfectly to provide consistent and straight rebounds off the swivel board, which, as mentioned earlier, is one of the most important features of a high-quality speed bag. 

If you are only setting your foot into the world of martial arts and are looking for a speed bag that won’t make you file for bankruptcy but will still provide an amazing training experience, check out the Meister SpeedKills Speed Bag.

Everlast Speed Bag – Best Intermediate Option

Best Speed Bags [2021]Best Speed Bags [2021]

Everlast, just like RDX, is one of the top names in this industry, and they are known for producing some of the most durable (one wouldn’t expect any different from a company named Everlast) and high-quality training gear and equipment. 

Their speed bag is also not an exception. It is made from leather and is engineered to perfection so that the rebounds from the board precisely follow the line of striking. It is also very durable, which is, as mentioned, needed for speed bags since they receive heavy beatings on a daily. 

One of the aspects of this product which is the reason I didn’t choose it as the best one overall 8though it was close), is its dull design. Although nobody really expects a speed ball to have some phenomenal design that catches your eye the moment you walk into the gym, it is definitely not a minus either. Many people might enjoy the simplistic design of this product, but to me, it just looks and feels a little bit unfinished. 

The same goes for the leather it is made of. It is genuine leather made from cowhide, but it doesn’t feel as sturdy and tough as the RDX leather is, which makes it feel somewhat lower-quality than that speed bag. 

These aren’t too big problems though, and this product is still the best intermediate product on this list. The reason I think it is is that I would recommend the RDX bag to advanced-level fighters much rather than the EVerlast, however, not for beginner to intermediate levels. 

The Everlast product is somewhat cheaper than the RDX but is very near the level of quality that today’s “best overall” product delivers. Also, the more traditional, simple design and looks make it a perfect beginner or intermediate fighter’s speed bag on which they can improve their basic techniques. 

If you are looking for a bag that has a very reasonable price but will last you ages and maybe even well into your intermediate-level training sessions, the Everlast speed bag is your best bet. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a good product, it is second to none, which makes it one of the speed bags I personally recommend most often. If you are interested, check it out.

Pro Impact Speedbag – Best Beginner’s Option

Best Speed Bags [2021]Best Speed Bags [2021]

This is one for the people who like simple and classical designs and products, or for those who are looking for a product to start their speedbag training journey with. The Pro Impact Speedbag can take you back into the first stages of speed bag design development, and it can give you the awesome old-timer feels without compromising the quality of the product. It is a high-quality speed bag which is also one of the best options out there for beginners. 

Pro Impact is another one of those names in the boxing and combat sports industry which everyone has heard of. They are well-known for making durable products at reasonable prices (though some find them too much), all with more simple and traditional designs. 

This Pro Impact speed bag is just like that description. However, if you are an intermediate or advanced fighter, you might do better with any of the items mentioned before this one, since the Achilles’ heel of this bag is its stitching. The balance and the center of mass is something that this product never gets complaints about, however, sometimes the stitching can burst after not that much usage. This typically happens on very hot days and with heavy use, which is enough to weaken the best of speed bags, but it still does come up a couple of times in the reviews. 

Other than that, it is a great beginner’s tool for learning the basic technique and having some fun developing your fundamental skills which are needed for a successful boxing or kickboxing career. Also, the strap has been described as very durable as well, so if you happen to train a lot with this bag, you won’t have to worry at all about the bag flying off the swivel board like with some other, low-quality products on the market. 

If you are interested in getting yourself one of these traditional, simple speed bags which will help you start your journey into the world of martial arts and combat sports.

Guide to Buying Speed Bags

In order to help you buy the best speed bags your store or online webshop has to offer, here are some tips and some important features to look out for!


Generally, you should be looking for products made out of either real cowhide leather or some high-quality faux leather. These are the toughest materials out there that are used for this purpose, and they will last the longest time. This is important, seeing as speed bags are some of the fastest deteriorating items in any boxing gym due to the repeated, fast and heavy strikes and punches it endures both from the person training and the swivel board as well. 

For the inside, also called the bladder, you should be looking for high-quality rubber or latex bladders since they are widely accepted to be the best materials for this purpose. 


The shape of the speed bag is one of the most important features you should be looking out for. As mentioned earlier in the article, it shouldn’t either be a round circle or an oval shape, since that won’t guarantee that the bag will return in a straight line and can ruin your training. 

The shape you should be looking for is a semi-round shape, which is achieved by stitching together near-straight sheets of leather or faux leather, and then are pressed outward to form a solid pear shape by the bladder within. This way, the bag will bounce off the swivel board in a straight line and it will also provide a better feel when striking it. Speed bags shaped this way are less likely to deform quickly. 

Strap Quality

One of the features of speed bags that often gets forgotten is the strap or hook connecting it to the swivel board. Make sure that when searching for the best speed bag to buy, examine the quality of the strap or hook. There have been many instances of people buying a very high-quality bag made of leather and having a great shape, and the strap just tore off after 10 minutes of practice. 

The strap is one of the most important parts of the speed bag, and it is also one of the least durable ones often since it isn’t viewed as very important. Also, some companies (scammy ones) try to purposely make bad-quality straps so that you can take your speed bag back to them for repairs and pay more. 

Overall Feel

The last thing you should take into consideration is the general feel of the product. Try striking it a couple of times if you can (and if it is on display in the first place), check out the material, the toughness, size, and all other features, and write a note in your head about that given item. Even though one product might have somewhat of a worse shape technically speaking, you might connect with it and feel like it is the best product to train with, and in that case, you should not choose the one that is better on paper but rather in your hands. 

Our Verdict

Best Speed Bags [2021]Best Speed Bags [2021]

Speed bags are an amazing way to train your hand-eye coordination, reflexes, cardio, wrist strength, and a lot more, so if you are training any striking art, it is worth implementing into your sessions. However, for that, you need a high-quality speed bag, which will not only help you train well but will also make that training feel good. 

In my opinion and after my experience of trying these products, I believe the RDX Speed Ball is the absolute best speedball, and you can buy it for a very reasonable price compared to the quality you are getting. It is made with high-quality materials, great manufacturing, and it is also very well balanced.

The other items on this list are also wonderful to train either if you are on a tight budget or just want another design or material, however, I would recommend the RDX before all others on this list, simply because it seems to be the most professional one and is the most fun and engaging to use. 

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