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Best MMA Gloves: Elevate Your Performance With The Right Gear

I have used tons of MMA gloves throughout my 15+ year career as a striker. From cheap MMA gloves for beginners to the best MMA gloves for an all-around fighter, I can confirm that every single pair of MMA gloves brings good and bad things to the game. At the end of the day, it’s all about your personal needs and preference.

Best MMA Gloves: Trainer’s Top Picks

ProductCombat Sports Max StrikeRDX MMA Sparring GlovesPremier Delux MMA Gloves
BrandCombat SportsRDXRevgear
Glove TypeTrainingSparringTraining
Padding2″ molded foamShock gel paddingPadding
Wrist SupportWrap around wrist strapQuick-EZ hook and loopUltra-Lock hook and loop
Palm DesignFully openOpen cutOpen palms

Are you looking for a lovely pair of MMA training gloves? Would you like to take part in the tournament with a pair of MMA competition gloves? Do you prefer boosting your clinch game and grappling performance with MMA sparring gloves? No worries, the Way of Martial Arts got you covered for every single situation!

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The best gloves for MMA are the ones that perfectly suit your needs. I have been a long-time fan of RDX MMA gloves because of their high-level airflow and the ability to get a good grip on the opponent during transitions. For me, it is one of the best all-around choices, for all kinds of fighters – wrestlers, grapplers, strikers… you name it!

My other two pieces of the best gloves for MMA are RevGear Premier and Revgear Pinnacle MMA gloves. RevGear Premier is a fabulous choice for beginners and you can easily say no to eye gouges as this MMA glove is similar to PRIDE-style pieces of equipment, while RevGear Pinnacle is a high-value pair of the best MMA gloves that pushes your quickness and position-changing to the next level.

I’ve got you covered for every single situation. Keep reading this article to deliver the best gloves for MMA for different purposes – heavy bag, grappling, transition session, training, or just an all-around session.

Best MMA Gloves – Complete List

  • Combat Sports Max Strike
  • RDX MMA Sparring Gloves
  • RevGear Premier
  • RevGear Pinnacle
  • UFC 5oz MMA Gloves
  • Venum Challenger MMA Gloves
  • Fairtex FGV15
  • Liberlupus for Men/Women
  • ZooBoo
  • Sanabul Essential


Combat Sports Max Strike

Combat Sports are the best MMA gloves for those who want to protect their sparring partners and themselves from injuries. The design disables eye gouges and there is an extra layer of foam padding that prevents your wrist from heavy bombs, especially straight punches, and kicks.
Its thick 2-inch knuckle padding, comfortable feel, and durable finger strap design will let you enjoy your training sessions. Combat Sports is a nice choice for a high-level striker, but those who plan their game on grappling might have a hard time adjusting to this MMA training model. This MMA glove keeps you from injuries, but it costs a bit more money.

Durable MMA gloves by Combat Sport designed for optimal performance. Crafted with high-quality materials, these gloves offer a secure fit and excellent grip for grappling and striking. Ideal for training, they are among the best MMA gloves available.


  • Very comfortable model.
  • Thick 2-inch padding.
  • Superior wrist support and durability.
  • You can say no to eye gouges.
  • Number 1 choice of hard hitters.


  • You might have a hard time grappling.
  • Velcro strap.

Combat Sports MMA gloves are some of the best choices for an all-around training session. Combat Sports Max Strike MMA are the best MMA gloves for ground-and-pound sessions and heavy strikes. Two inches of padding on the knuckles protect your hand, plus there are leather finger holes for enhanced durability and comfort.
Sports Max Strike MMA is a very smooth, PRIDE FC-style model. You can easily slip it into tight spaces. Yet, there is one downside – one protruding edge on the bottom side might give you a hard time when you’re fishing for an armbar, Omoplata, or hammerlock. Also, Velcro straps might deteriorate with time, but you can always fix them. Overall, a nice piece of MMA training gloves.


RDX MMA Sparring Gloves

I am proudly saying that RDX MMA gloves are my favorite model. Airflow and open palm design are important for good grappling, takedown offense and defense, and swift transition between stand-up and ground game. Breathable pinholes boost hygiene and you won’t have to wash RDX MMA gloves after every single workout.
Padding is thinner, that’s true, but those who fight like Movsar Evloev or Merab Dvalishvili will love this model. This piece of MMA sparring gloves works for strikers too, as it helps you improve your anti-wrestling game and keep clinch Gods on distance. And the model doesn’t cost too much money too.

Top-quality RDX MMA gloves for enhanced training sessions. Made with high-grade materials, these gloves provide great comfort and durability. Offering a secure fit and excellent grip, they are perfect for mma training, grappling and striking techniques.


  • Price vs quality king.
  • Great Velcro straps.
  • Durable gloves.
  • The choice of all-around Octagon warriors.


  • Submission switches and bottom game.
  • The thumb area is a bit bulky for your wrestling/grappling partners.
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I am a diehard fan of RDX MMA sparring gloves, I am using them myself and I can say it works very well when you’re mixing things up. All-around fighters will enjoy this model, as it lets you deliver strikes and takedowns in the same combo with ease. A very aesthetic model with a classic style RDX logo. If you grew up in the era of Georges St-Pierre and Anderson Silva like me, you will love this classic design.
Engineered with authentic cowhide durable leather, this model is built to last. Breathable pinholes in the finger area improve hygiene during your workouts. The Velcro strap goes twice around your wrist for extra support. The thumb area might be a bit uncomfortable for your grappling partners, but these are the best MMA gloves when you look at the price vs quality ratio!


RevGear Premier

This is made to skyrocket your performance in the early stages of your mixed martial arts training. It is an absolutely great crossover piece of everyday training gloves for fighters who haven’t built up their fighting style yet.
No-grip loss while grappling and sparring helps you progress faster. Plus this is also a nice piece of budget MMA gloves with a quick break-in period and excellent wrist support. You don’t have to be afraid of an injury while you’re eating shots – hand and wrist stabilization is on point!

Versatile MMA gloves designed for optimal performance. With their high-quality construction and secure fit, these gloves are ideal for grappling, striking, and mitt work. Offering excellent durability and comfort, they are among the best MMA gloves available for beginner mma fighters.


  • Affordable.
  • Three designs.
  • Adjustable loop and hook closure.
  • Durable synthetic cover, pre-curved model.


  • This MMA glove will not work for intermediates.
  • Weird fit.
  • Not good for heavy strikes and technical transitions.
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RevGear Premier are definitively the best gloves for MMA beginners who have just started their mixed martial arts voyage. Open-palm design lets you control the clinch, grapple, and land strikes at the same time. The soft inner lining and snug fit boost the power of your grip, which is critical for beginners with horrible technique.
An affordable model with three designs, you won’t have to switch between the gloves in the middle of your training session. Robust stitching, light enough not to slow your striking down. You can tighten wrist straps to your preference. The fit for your pinky might be a bit weird, plus you can’t land big bombs in RevGear Premier due to the lack of protection on your knuckles.


RevGear Pinnacle

Looking for a low cost, high value MMA glove to take your game to the next level? Look no further than Revgear Pinnacle MMA Gloves. With multi-layer foam and high-tech modern synthetic construction, these gloves offer excellent protection and durability. The equal weighted foam distribution and secure long wrist wrap ensure the right fit and support for your training needs. Plus, Revgear worked with top athletes and coaches to create a glove that provides style, comfort, and a winning edge. Join the road to victory with the Pinnacle range. wrist wrap ensures a secure fit, and the equal weighted foam distribution provides optimal weight for punching. Designed with input from top athletes and coaches, these gloves offer high value at a low cost, taking your MMA game to the next level.

Exceptional MMA gloves known for their quality and versatility. Designed with high-quality materials, this best mma gloves provide a secure fit and optimal hand mobility for grappling and striking. This glove is a top choice among fighters and trainers for protection and blocking.


  • Enhanced padding and protection.
  • Durability.
  • Custom wrist wrap adjustment.


  • Mid-price range.
  • Poor choice of designs and sizes.
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RevGear Pinnacle is the classic-style, multi-layer foam padding piece of training equipment, designed to protect your knuckles by any means necessary. Very durable construction that secures your wrists even during the hardest hits. RevGear Pinnacle is the best MMA gloves if your parameter number one is blocking and eating shots. This is perfect for those who don’t move much and prefer controlling the central line.

Best mma gloves, top choice for athletes, feature padded knuckles and secure wrist straps, combining mma grappling gloves benefits and striking mitts functionality. Best mma gloves made by Revgear

Equal weighted foam distribution lets you grapple and throw strikes at the same time—high-value MMA glove, fair price, with enhanced thumb protection. But you must choose between one design and two sizes, which is a big downside. Also, it is a bit robust model, you might have a hard time during submission switches and transitions.


UFC 5oz MMA Gloves

UFC 5oz MMA Gloves are a great training experience! Perfect for grappling, these gloves feature an open palm design and soft finger compartments that ensure comfort while gripping. The durable engineered synthetic leather provides long-lasting wear, while the pre-curved, anatomically correct soft foam layered over the knuckles enhances protection during intense training. The adjustable hook & loop closure ensures a secure fit and supports the wrist, so you can maintain control and range of motion during every session. Upgrade your training gear today!

Professional-grade MMA gloves trusted by fighters worldwide. These gloves combine durability, comfort, and versatility, making them the top choice for grappling and striking. Best mma grappling gloves crafted with high-quality materials, they offer excellent hand protection.


  • Great for light spars and grappling.
  • Fair price.
  • The realistic feel of the fight.
  • Good quality.


  • Not good for heavy bags and mitts.
  • Breathability.

Are you looking for a realistic feel of the fight? UFC 5oz are the best gloves for MMA for those who plan to compete and simulate training matches. These competition gloves are approved and you can wear them in tournaments, plus there are five amazing designs. You can enjoy your MMA sparring sessions with these pro style MMA gloves!
Open palm model, great for grappling, level changes, and very comfortable due to soft finger department. Made of durable engineered synthetic leather. Yet, the main problem of this model is breathability – it gets stinky too easily, and you will have to wash them regularly.


Venum Challenger MMA Gloves

Looking for a perfect pair of MMA gloves? Look no further than the Venum Challenger MMA gloves! Designed in Thailand with PU leather, these gloves offer exquisite quality at an affordable price. With layered foam and high-density foam, these gloves provide superior protection and shock absorption. The adjustable strap and exclusive Velcro strap system provide great comfort and support, while the reinforced finger and thumb openings absorb every ounce of shock for each strike you make. Whether you’re training in the gym or fighting in the ring, the Venum Challenger MMA gloves have got you covered.

High-performance MMA gloves crafted with premium materials for durability and comfort. These mma grappling gloves offer excellent grip and protection for grappling and striking techniques. Ideal for professional fighters and enthusiasts seeking top-notch gear, this mitts are must-have for mma fighters.


  • Comfortable.
  • Proven brand.
  • Excellent for quick and light strikes and transitions.


  • Insufficient padding.
  • Not good for harder hits.

Venum Challenger MMA gloves are good both for striking and grappling. Yet, due to the lack of padding on the knuckle, landing haymakers or other big shots might be hazardous for you. Venum MMA gloves work well for quick strikes, conditional sparring, grappling exchanges, and transitions from defense to offense and vice versa. Faux leather gloves with hook and loop closure.
Venum Challenger MMA is the best gloves for MMA when you’re trying to boost the speed of your strikes and grappling exchanges. These are fighting gloves, a layered foam model with a slim profile and a fair price-quality ratio.
Hint: If you have more money, you can always give Venum Undisputed 2.0 a shot.


Fairtex FGV15

Fairtex FGV15 gloves are the perfect choice for fighters seeking ultimate hand protection. Made of genuine top grain leather with a unique contoured and tight-fit hand compartment, these gloves ensure a secure and snug fit. Engineered with extra-thick pre-curved high impact latex foam core, they provide ultimate impact absorption to protect against training injuries. Featuring Fairtex’s signature three-layers of foam core system, these gloves disperse shock effectively. With oversized knuckle padding, full wraparound wristband and handcrafted in Thailand, these gloves are a must-have for serious fighters. Choose from sizes M, L and XL to find your perfect fit.

Reliable MMA gloves offering a perfect balance of comfort and functionality. Constructed with durable materials, this great grappling glove ensure a snug fit and exceptional grip for grappling and striking. These best mma gloves are highly regarded in the MMA community


  • Superb for clinch specialists.
  • Easy to fit, smaller in size.
  • Excellent durability.


  • Takes more time to break in.
  • Mid-to-high price range.

Fairtex offers the number one clinch game pair of the best gloves for MMA in the market. Fairtex is known for Thai boxing models, but FGV15 is more suitable for grappling and clinching, plus there are no edges to get caught on anything. A high-quality Velcro surrounds the glove and makes it even better for transitions from the single-collar clinch to Muay Thai plum or over-under.
There is a lot of padding on the knuckles, so you can land some solid strikes too. Yet, they might need a bit more time to break in, which might be irritating. Yet, Fairtex will push your clinch game to the next level!


Liberlupus for Men/Women

Get ready to take your combat skills to the next level with Liberlupus MMA Gloves! Made with premium PU leather and reinforced with 10 mm EVA fist padding, these gloves offer unparalleled durability and shock absorption during boxing training, martial arts, and sparring cage activities. The cross-cut design on the back improves wrist flexibility and enhances grip for grappling, while the half-finger style makes them perfect for Taekwondo, kickboxing, and more. Enjoy the comfort and protection of these gloves, backed by a 30-day no-hassle return and 12-month replacement warranty

Top dynamic MMA gloves built to withstand rigorous training. Constructed with durable materials, these gloves feature reinforced padding for maximum hand protection. With his ergonomic design,  this best mma glove ensures a comfortable fit and unrestricted movement during training and fighting for both grappling and striking.


  • Cheap.
  • Wrist flexibility.
  • Works well in grappling exchanges.
  • Breathable.


  • Stitching.
  • Weird size chart, tricky if you have a tight fist.

Liberlupus offers an all-around affordable choice – this could be the best gloves for MMA for fighters in the early stages of their MMA career who haven’t created their fighting style yet. You can use this model for sparring, grappling, clinching, and bag sessions. The thick 10 mm EVA fist padding plays a key role in efficient shock absorption, so your knuckles will stay protected.
The model offers enhanced grip and improved wrist flexibility, plus it won’t go anywhere thanks to the double closure system. Sufficient airflow will leave the palm dry during high-intense workouts. Stitch strings will start to hang after a while, and you can’t land very hard shots. Liberlupus could work for technical and all-around training sessions too.



Take your training to the next level with ZooBoo MMA Gloves! Designed for a variety of martial arts including taekwondo, kickboxing, and grappling, these gloves provide maximum hand protection. The three layers of padding, made of high-quality premium PU leather, buffer sponge, and high foaming PE, prevent injury and improve comfort during intense training. The breathable mesh palm design and perforations on the palms keep your hands cool and dry, while the reinforced impact padding and pre-curved anatomic hand design ensure flexibility and a strong grip. With adjustable wristbands for a customized fit, these gloves provide solid wrist support and are resistant to cuts. Don’t settle for less, choose ZooBoo MMA Gloves and take your training to the next level!

Cutting-edge modern MMA gloves designed for serious fighters. Engineered with great materials, these mma gloves provide optimal knuckle protection and a secure fit. With their superior craftsmanship, this best mma grappling gloves deliver exceptional performance and durability.


  • Cheap.
  • Strong grip.
  • Not easy to rip.
  • Breathable model.
  • You can use them for conditional MMA sparring.


  • Eye gouge danger, zero thumb protection.
  • Insufficient padding on the sides.

ZooBoo is one of the cheapest models in the market, but it offers pretty much decent quality. A good piece of MMA training gloves with multiple designs, made of faux leather with three layers of protection. Half-finger breathable model will put your punching bag game to the next level. Wristbands can be customized to ensure a comfortable fit.
ZooBoo are the best gloves for MMA for those who like to combine modern design, heavy strikes, and low budget. Yet, you’ll notice less protection on the sides of the glove, so you might hurt yourself when throwing haymakers. You’ll be fine as long as you throw straight punches and uppercuts. Also, these are not grappling gloves, they are a bit robust, so you might have a hard time controlling your opponent in the clinch.


Sanabul Essential

The Sanabul Essential MMA Hybrid Sparring Gloves are the perfect choice for athletes who need reliable and durable gear at an affordable price. These gloves are designed to protect your hands during striking while also providing you with enough flexibility for grappling. Made with performance-engineered leather, these gloves are not only durable but also easy to clean and maintain. The hook and loop closure system ensures a secure fit throughout your training sessions. However, please note that these gloves are intended for MMA sparring and not recommended for use on punching bags. Make Sanabul Essential MMA Hybrid Sparring Gloves a staple in your gym bag and take your training to the next level with confidence.

Versatile MMA gloves designed for optimal performance in the ring or during grappling training sessions. Crafted with top materials, this glove provide a secure fit and excellent grip for grappling, striking, and ground work. This is the best mma gloves choice that is also budget-friendly for MMA enthusiasts.


  • Price.
  • Choice of beginners.
  • Good padding for close-range exchanges.
  • Former UFC champ Michael Bisping loves them.


  • Stitching is less effective, especially on the bottom side of the glove.
  • Not good for advanced fighters or bag/mitt sessions.

Sanabul Hybrid are cheaper gloves than any other model on the list. But its quality is pretty much ok, you can expect miracles for a low price. These gloves are designed to endure and are made of Performance Engineered Leather construction. The model gives you modest dexterity during grappling. The hook and loop closure system won’t let these MMA training gloves slide anywhere.
The first problem is the finger stitching on the bottom edge of the knuckle padding, it might rip over time, especially when you grapple a skillful opponent. Sanabul is a good-looking, solid piece of training gloves, and it could be one of the best gloves for MMA for low-budget beginners and starters.

 Best MMA Gloves Buying Guide

I will guide you through the most important list of things when buying MMA gloves. Let’s kick-off!

How Does The Pair Of The Best MMA Gloves Work?

Best MMA Gloves are a very important part of your MMA gear. They are designed to protect the hands of the fighters during intense training sessions, sparring, and competition. They work by cushioning the impact of punches and strikes, reducing the risk of hand injuries, and improving the fighter’s overall performance.

Most MMA gloves have at least one layer to protect knuckles from heavy shots and collisions. The gloves typically have a padded exterior made of foam or gel, which absorbs the force of impact and disperses it over a larger area. This technique serves to prevent direct impact on the knuckles and other vulnerable parts of the hand, as this is not bare-knuckle fighting. The layer of padding reduces the force of impact on your opponent, making the fight safer and more controlled.

Now another protection tip. The pair of the best MMA gloves also enhances the fighter’s grip and allows for greater flexibility and mobility in the hands. It means you can easily perform a wide range of techniques – jabs, straights, hooks, uppercuts, overhands, or haymakers. The best MMA glove also promotes good hygiene and prevents the spread of infections by providing a barrier between the fighter’s hands and the opponent’s skin.

In addition, the best MMA gloves are an essential piece of MMA gear for all MMA fighters, beginners, or superstars, providing comfort, protection, and improved performance inside the cage. Remember, a high-quality pair of MMA gloves prevents your sparring partner and lengthens your fighting career.

The Reasons Why The Best MMA Gloves Are So Important In The Game

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For example, the best budget MMA gloves might not protect you from heavy strikes, but the best training gloves will. Standard MMA glove is good for all-around performance while wearing hand wraps underneath creates another layer of protection between your knuckles and the opponent.

This paragraph will help you understand why the best MMA gloves matter and why you shouldn’t spare money when purchasing a pair.

Knockout Protection – What Makes MMA Gloves Essential For Hand Safety In The Cage?

When fists without the best MMA gloves or hand wraps meet the opponent’s head, it is a direct impact. On the other hand, MMA gloves with wraps reduce the chances of massive cuts and concussions because of layers of protection between the hand and the rival’s chin or forehead. Without proper protection, fighters are at risk of serious hand injuries that can hinder their performance and potentially end their career.

A better glove equals fewer chances of big knockouts and critical injuries. The gloves are designed to cushion the impact of punches and strikes, reducing the risk of hand injuries such as fractures, sprains, and bruises.

The padding on the gloves is usually made of materials such as foam or gel. It absorbs and disperses the impact over a larger area, and minimizes the damage caused by direct contact.

Glove Up For Clean Combat: How MMA Gloves Promote Hygiene In The Ring

The best gloves for MMA play an important role in maintaining good hygiene in the ring. The gloves provide a barrier between the fighter’s hands and the opponent’s skin.

MMA gloves, especially the ones made of genuine leather, decrease the spread of infections and diseases that can be transmitted through skin-to-skin contact. In mixed martial arts, there is a high risk of cuts, abrasions, and other injuries that can expose the skin to harmful bacteria and viruses.

MMA fighters who use high-quality MMA gloves minimize the risk of infections and promote a safer and healthier environment in the ring.

Maximizing Your Fighting Skills: How Top-Quality MMA Gloves Enhance Performance In The Ring?

The best gloves for MMA are designed to enhance the performance of the fighter. They provide a better grip and allow for greater flexibility and mobility in the hands, enabling fighters to easily perform a wide range of techniques.

For example, the more flexible glove is critical when you’re switching from body lock to over-under or single-collar clinch, especially when you try to chain wrestle against a footwork specialist.

This improved performance can make a significant difference in the outcome of a fight. With better grip and mobility, fighters can execute their techniques more effectively and precisely, giving them a competitive edge over their opponents.

Another example. A glove that allows more mobility significantly affects your top control skills. A full wrist wrap strap model will help you control the hand that builds the posture when you’re in half-guard or mount.

Stay Safe And Sound: The Crucial Role Of MMA Gloves In Protecting Fighters In The Ring

The best gloves for MMA maximize safety by reducing the risk of serious injuries to both Octagon warriors. The layered foam padding serves to cushion the impact of strikes and punches, reducing the risk of concussions and other head injuries.

The gloves also protect the fingers and knuckles from getting caught in the opponent’s clothing or body. It could lead to very serious damage, but by minimizing the risk of injuries, MMA gloves promote a safer and more controlled environment. Fighters can focus on their technique and game plan without the fear of getting their knuckles bruised or cut.

Playing By The Rules: The Importance Of Regulation-Approved MMA Gloves For Safety And Fair Play In The Ring

Every sport offers a specific rule set. The rules governing the use of MMA gloves vary depending on the organization, but generally, the gloves must meet certain criteria such as weight, size, and padding thickness.

By adhering to these standards, MMA gloves help to ensure that the sport is played safely and fairly, promoting the integrity and reputation of the sport. The best MMA gloves are designed to meet the specific standards and guidelines of the regulatory bodies to maximize the safety of the Octagon warrior.

 Overall Performance – Why The Best MMA Gloves Matter?

I will try to describe the specific situations where the best gloves for MMA prevail. For example, if your pair of gloves sweats too much, your opponent gets the advantage in the clinch and close combat scenarios.

If your glove is too heavy, the rival will be faster and his strikes will be crisper. Unless you knock him out cold, he might outpoint you if the bout goes to the judges’ scorecards.

Best mma gloves, a perfect fusion of mma grappling gloves and striking mitts, provide optimal padding distribution to withstand tough exercises, ensuring lasting performance. Best mma mitts by Revgear

Finally, when trying to transition from offense to defense and vice versa, gloves with a bad grip are a horrible choice, because the opponent will easily defend your holds and control attempts.

Here Are The Best MMA Gloves

The best MMA gloves in the market and the best work boot in the game is – RDX MMA! Its open-palm design, affordable price, and the ability to swiftly transition from defense into offense put your new best fight buddy in the spotlight!

Types Of Best MMA Gloves

From beginners to pro style MMA gloves, each model offers a specific set of good and bad sides. Cheaper gloves can fit your needs, and the most expensive model doesn’t have to be the best choice. We recognize six types of MMA gloves.

Bag Gloves

Bag gloves are an essential piece of equipment for any fighter who trains on heavy bags or pads. These gloves are usually made of synthetic leather or other durable materials that can withstand the rigors of high-impact training sessions.

They feature extra padding on the knuckles and wrist to protect the hands and provide support during intense punching and striking drills. Molded foam padding mostly serves as an additional layer of protection between the mitt and your fist.

The best gloves for MMA heavy or standing bag work typically have a wider wrist strap than other gloves, which provides additional support and stability to the wrists during training.

Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are larger and heavier than bag gloves and are designed to provide maximum protection for the fighter and their sparring partner. You can wear them in an MMA training session, sometimes even in a competition.

They have more padding than bag gloves and often feature a thumb lock system that prevents accidental eye pokes or other injuries.

The best gloves for MMA sparring are typically used in controlled sparring sessions and are designed to minimize the risk of injury to both fighters. They offer excellent protection to the hands and wrists, allowing fighters to practice their techniques confidently and safely.

Competition Gloves

Competition gloves are specifically designed for use in MMA competitions. These gloves are lighter and smaller than training gloves, allowing fighters to strike with greater accuracy and speed. They have less padding than sparring gloves, allowing more precise striking techniques.

Competition gloves are heavily regulated by the athletic commission and must meet specific criteria regarding size, weight, and padding thickness to ensure the safety of the fighters. The pair of the best gloves for MMA competition is essential for any MMA fighter who wants to compete at a high level.

Hybrid Gloves

Hybrid gloves are a versatile and flexible option for fighters who need gloves that can be used for both training and sparring.

They offer more padding than competition gloves, making them suitable for sparring sessions, but less padding than sparring gloves, which allows for greater flexibility and precision during training drills.

Hybrid gloves (the best gloves for MMA all-around workout) often feature an open-palm design that provides greater grip and flexibility for grappling, submission techniques, and clinch game. They also have a wrist closure system that provides extra support and protection to the wrists, making them an excellent choice for fighters who want a glove that can be used in various training settings.

Best MMA Gloves For Beginners

These gloves are designed specifically for new fighters just starting to train in mixed martial arts. They are usually lighter and more affordable than other gloves and often have extra padding to help protect the hands during training sessions.

Gloves for beginners typically have a simpler design than other gloves, making them easier to take on and off. The best gloves for MMA newbies are an excellent choice for anyone who is just starting in MMA and wants a glove that is both affordable and functional.

Custom-Made MMA Gloves

Have you ever heard of a special model of custom-made MMA gloves for the needs of a specific fighter? For example, some professionals demand specific MMA competition gloves that fit the shape of their hands or wrist. They are also known as the best gloves for MMA professionals or very advanced athletes.

Features To Look For When Buying The Best MMA Gloves

There are many tricky parameters when you’re buying MMA gloves. Sometimes the difference between MMA grappling gloves and the greatest heavy bag model is very small. We will guide you through the list of qualities you should be looking for when you decide to obtain your new gloves.

Pro-Grade Padding

The padding on MMA gloves is an important feature to consider. It protects the knuckles and back of the hand from impact during sparring, heavy bag training, and competition. How to recognize your candidate for the best MMA gloves?

Good quality gloves will have multiple layers of foam padding, which can absorb shock and distribute it evenly across the glove’s surface. Some gloves have additional padding around the wrist and thumb areas, which can help protect these vulnerable areas from injury. I say you should give an advantage to multiple layers of padding.

Custom Contouring

A good fit is essential for comfort, performance, and safety. YOUR best gloves for MMA should fit snugly but not so tight that they cut off circulation or cause discomfort.

The thumb should be positioned correctly, and the fingers should be able to move freely without slipping around inside the glove. Some gloves come with adjustable straps or closures, allowing a customized fit and extra support (my favorite pick).

Battle-Tested Durability

MMA gloves take a lot of abuse, so choosing a pair that can hold up to frequent use is essential. Look for gloves made from high-quality synthetic leather, durable and resistant to wear and tear.

The best gloves for MMA offer good-quality stitching and reinforcement in high-stress areas, such as seams. It can also improve the gloves’ lifespan.

Breathable Comfort

MMA gloves can get hot and sweaty during training and competition, which can lead to discomfort and skin irritation. Gloves with breathable materials and ventilation holes can help keep your hands cool and dry.

Are you looking for a pair of the best gloves for MMA? Look for the ones that are designed with mesh panels or perforations that allow for airflow and moisture-wicking.

Rule-Compliant Design

If you plan to compete in MMA, choosing gloves that comply with the regulations set forth by the athletic commission is crucial. These regulations typically specify the gloves’ size, weight, and padding thickness.

It’s essential to select the best gloves for MMA that meet these criteria to ensure you can compete safely and legally. Additionally, some gloves may be approved for use in certain promotions or organizations but not in others. Please check the specific rules and regulations that apply to your situation.

Common Questions About The Best MMA Gloves

What MMA Gloves Does Joe Rogan Use?

Joe Rogan is on the same bandwagon as Georges St-Pierre, Holly Holm, Douglas Lima, Chris Pratt, and Snoop Dogg… Hayabusa MMA gloves fan due to a level of quality that remains unmatched.

Conor McGregor uses Everlast MMA gloves because of his fighting style – he is a heavy puncher with a big left hand. The model he chose is lighter and offers less padding on the knuckles, which leads to a greater chance of a knockout victory.

The size that matches your hand. A slightly bigger model is fine too because you should put hand wraps underneath for more protection.

Of course, there are MMA sparring gloves for a reason. But it is better to take boxing gloves in the training when you don’t grapple because you don’t want to hurt yourself.

Yes, because they are smaller. They absorb less force but your strikes will be crisper and swifter.

Yes but not too tight as it could cut circulation. Tight to some point yes. Imagine the opponent pulling your gloves in the game. Yes, it is illegal, but if the ref stops the fight to fix your gloves, it is a minus point and you will lose the bout.

Because they are both striking and grappling gloves. It is impossible to grapple with fingered gloves, your transitions and takedowns would suffer.

Open-palm model helps you grapple better, while closed-palm MMA gloves skyrocket the quickness of your strikes and eliminate eye gouges. Reply to the question “what is my goal”.

Absolutely not. There are different designs and purposes for a reason, please don’t do it.

Boxing gloves offer thicker padding, plus they are not fingerless because you don’t grapple. Rules are different, the referee will break you up instantly.

Personal preference. I prefer hook and loop closure but strikers mostly give an advantage to Velcro wrist straps.

This is an interesting question. Muay Thai gloves can help you with clinching, but your grappling motion will be limited. So, the answer is – technically yes, but I don’t recommend it when you’re preparing for the competition.

Enjoy Your New Best MMA Gloves

RDX MMA Sparring Gloves

I am proudly saying that RDX MMA gloves are my favorite model. Airflow and open palm design are important for good grappling, takedown offense and defense, and swift transition between stand-up and ground game. Breathable pinholes boost hygiene and you won’t have to wash RDX MMA gloves after every single workout.
Padding is thinner, that’s true, but those who fight like Movsar Evloev or Merab Dvalishvili will love this model. This piece of MMA sparring gloves works for strikers too, as it helps you improve your anti-wrestling game and keep clinch Gods on distance. And the model doesn’t cost too much money too.

mma gloves-RDX mma gloves


  • Price vs quality king.
  • Great Velcro straps.
  • Durable gloves.
  • The choice of all-around Octagon warriors.


  • Submission switches and bottom game.
  • The thumb area is a bit bulky for your wrestling/grappling partners.
  • 3. RevGear Premier
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RDX MMA is the quality-price ratio emperor on our list of the best MMA gloves and a lovely pick for all-around fighters and fans of classic UFC and MMA.
Built to last with breathable pinholes and extra support around your wrist, this model saves your budget and lets you progress and improve the speed of your strikes, techniques, throws, and transitions. RDX are the best MMA gloves for fighters who don’t want to change gear all the time in the combined training session.

Vladimir Vladisavljevic has been training in the art of kickboxing for over seven years, holds a Taekwondo black belt, and has a master's degree in sports and physical education. He's also a huge mixed martial arts fan. He's a big deal in Bulgaria as a mixed martial arts commentator, analyst, and podcaster.
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Vladimir Vladisavljevic

Vladimir Vladisavljevic has a master's degree in sports and physical education. He has been training in kickboxing for over seven years and holds a Taekwondo black belt. He's also a huge mixed martial arts fan. Vladimir is a big deal in Bulgaria as a mixed martial arts commentator, analyst, and podcaster. He was known as The Bulgarian Cowboy in the Western world. In addition, he has a YouTube channel where he talks about his love of esports, one of the fastest-growing fields in the world. Our testing and reviewing method.
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