Best Kickboxing Shoes for Women

Best Kickboxing Shoes for Women: Conquer Every Fight with These Choices in 2023

As a seasoned coach and professional martial artist specializing in kickboxing and Muay Thai, I’ve guided countless women through their fitness journeys. Kickboxing, with its high-intensity interval training (HIIT) component, has become a favorite among millions of women worldwide, not just for its competitive aspect, but also for its remarkable health benefits.

Over the years, I’ve learned that the right equipment can substantially impact training and performance. That’s why I firmly advocate investing in the best kickboxing shoes for women. Even if you’re not preparing for full-contact competition, a pair of high-quality kickboxing shoes can significantly enhance your performance. With their added grip and support, these shoes help maintain stability and safety during your workout, allowing you to focus on mastering your techniques and getting the most out of every session.

We tested five products and found that Reebok Ros Workout TR 2-0 Cross Training shoes have the best quality/price ratio out of all the tested models.

The main problem with buying shoes for Kickboxing is that there are no specific Kickboxing shoes out on the market as there are for some other sports. For instance, basketball, tennis, football, or even handball each has specific shoals you need. There is no such thing as Kickboxing because competitions are always conducted bare-footed.

So, to get the best shoes for your training, you have to know what to look for. You’ll want ankle support and some cushioning to soften the blows. Too much cushioning is also bad because you’ll lose control of your power and stability. Also, ensure your shoes are snug on your feet and lightweight.

The Reebok Ros Workout TR 2-0 Cross Training shoes are the top choice we found because they provide you with all the elements you need out of a good shoe for Kickboxing while also coming at a very reasonable price.

They’ll fit quite nicely and give you the protection you need to prevent foot and ankle injuries. Plus, their modern design will allow you to use them for other purposes as well, although it’s advised to use gym shoes only for the gym.

Be that as it may, different situations make different shoes the top choice for you. Your age is what will often determine which shoes are the best for you. There are models specially designed for children. Some are designed only for women. Some have more padding, while some will provide more ankle support.

That means different shoes will be better for different people. For instance, if you are overweight, choosing better ankle support over lightweight shoes would be better. One of the models we tested, PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 shoes, might be the best choice if that’s the case.

Keep reading to see what Kickboxing Shoes for Women would be your optimal option.

Reebok Ros Workout TR 2-0 Cross Training – Best Overall

Reebok Ros Workout TR 2-0 Cross Training shoes are the best choice you can make when considering all the factors. That includes comfort, stability, flexibility, weight, and price.

Cross Training shoes aren’t the same as running shoes, but this model will allow you to get some serious mileage under your feet. They are incredibly durable and made out of high-quality synthetic fibers, guaranteeing foot protection at all times.

It also has rubber soles, which provide you with extra grip when performing Kickboxing techniques. There’s a lot of lateral movement in Kickboxing that can cause ankle sprains and microfractures, but these shoes will prevent that even when working out at peak intensity. They also come with midsoles that mold with your foot over time, giving you all the comfort you need.

There’s no better shoe on the market that gives you all the advantages that Reebok Ros Workout TR 2-0 Cross Training shoes offer, especially in the same price range. Some shoes may have more perks, but they all cost around double the money.

PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 – Best for Stability and Protection

The PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 model is incredible not only for Kickboxing but other activities too. They are sturdy yet lightweight, which enables comfort and stability of the ankle from the get-go. They are made from synthetic leather and polyurethane soles to improve grip and durability as well.

However, what’s unique about these shoes is their new technology trend, called the EcoOrthoLite sock liner. It’s a midsole with an excellent efficiency rate that makes your shoes breathable and cools your feet.

The most significant advantage of the EcoOrthoLite sock liner is its extra stability and comfort. It molds to fit your foot perfectly. It might feel odd initially while the shoes are still shaping up, but that’s the case with almost every shoe in the world.

Once you break into them, they will give you great comfort and stability. Even the collar is padded to keep the ankles in place, which is excellent if you are starting your training and are trying to lose weight.

Adidas Court Team Bounce Cross Training Shoes – Best for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a widespread condition that happens to a lot of people. It’s very usual in martial arts because the feet endure a lot of exertion. When suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, you’ll feel tenderness and pain when standing flat on your heels. It can happen from running, jumping, martial art, and other reasons.

If you have this condition but still want to continue your Kickboxing training, we suggest you try out the Adidas Court Team Bounce Cross Training Shoes. They have been tested and reviewed by many athletes and doctors, including Dr. Sutera, who stated that these shoes provide outstanding arch support without sacrificing comfort to achieve that.

That’s precisely what you need to prevent your Plantar Fasciitis from getting worse. Moreover, the Adidas Bounce technology is far better than other cushioning systems because it combines padding with flexibility. Therefore, your shoes will be sturdy, comfortable while also being flexible, and durable.

Not only are they great for Kickboxing, but if you’re working on a job that requires a lot of standing and being on your feet, these shoes will be a refreshment you longed for. The price varies depending on the shoes’ size and color but is quite reasonable considering all the great elements it incorporates.

STRONG by Zumba – Best Option for Online Shopping

It can be tricky buying shoes and clothes online. The size may be right, but the shoe’s feel might not be that great. It’s a pain to return the shoes then, as you have to pay for the shipping cost and ultimately lose money for nothing.

But, STRONG by Zumba Cross Training shoes can help you avoid that problem entirely because they have a trustworthy return policy, giving you a full refund if the shoe doesn’t fit correctly. That way, you can order two pairs, see which one fits better, and then return those that don’t fit you perfectly.

As for the shoes themselves, they are exceptionally designed to provide you with comfort and stability, as good as any other tested shoe does. There’s also a unique feature to them called the EVA Midsole.

It’s that part of the shoe that comes between the soles and your foot – it’s where all the shock absorption should happen. The EVA Midsole is designed carefully to absorb impact force from strikes and jumps and quickly return to its original form and shape.

The soles are made of rubber, designed to provide extra grip. There are two downsides we noticed, though. First, they are very low-cut, enabling maximum ankle mobility but not a lot of ankle support. Secondly, the price may be a bit on the expensive side, considering it’s not that well-known of a brand, but we can assure you that these shoes are worth every penny.

Nike Metcon 5 Cross-Training Shoe – Luxury Pick

If you are looking for the best regardless of the price, you must try out the Nike Metcon 5 Cross Training Shoes. They thought of every detail to make this the best cross-training shoe on the market and succeeded in that, no doubt. 

However, they cost almost double the price of all the other shoes we tested and reviewed, so you should go for these only if the price isn’t important to you. If that’s the case, you will get every possible advantage a training shoe can give you: flexibility, comfort, stability, grip, injury prevention, or anything else.

The upper parts of the shoe (tongue and instep) are made carefully with a honeycomb design that enables your feet to breathe in training, avoiding bad odor and poor hygiene. It also makes the shoes extremely light, so you’ll feel like you’re not wearing them at all.

The inside foam is carefully designed to address the protection needs for every particular part of your foot. It’s thicker and firmer around the heel to provide security and stability. It gets softer and cushier along the foot to your toes to provide better padding and amortization of high-impact moves, such as high kicks, jumps, stance switches, etc.

The heel is not high as it is with other shoes but is carefully designed to be lower. It maximizes stability when performing lateral movements. Also, a removable Hyperlift system allows you to gain even more stability when doing squats, thrusters, and other power drills. We don’t recommend taking them out when practicing Kickboxing, though, because you’ll need more comfort when doing Kickboxing.

Overall, these shoes are fantastic for Kickboxing and other HIIT forms, but the price that comes with them makes them more of a luxury pick than a regular training shoe.

Guide to Buying Kickboxing Shoes for Women

As we already mentioned, there are several factors you need to consider when buying Kickboxing shoes. Depending on what you want from your training, and whether you have some special conditions you need to keep in mind, some shoes might be better for you than others. We’ll divide the factors separately to help you understand better what you should be looking for.


Some people have wider feet, some narrower. Your shoe size and foot shape also play a significant role in deciding which shoes to buy. That being said, there are some specific things you should think of when choosing.

Any shoe you buy – especially Kickboxing and cross-training shoes – have to be snug and wrap your foot around perfectly. If you have too much or too little space around the heel, toes, or instep, you need different shoes – or at least a different size. Being too tight will hurt your feet, and too wide can cause sliding and injury when performing explosive Kickboxing moves.


You might think that the more padding and cushioning you have, the better. But, that’s not the case with Kickboxing shoes. You don’t want too much, nor too little padding. It has to be just right to give you the best performance boost.

You shouldn’t worry about the shoes having too much padding on the top because you won’t really need it. It can hurt you if your feet are too padded because you’ll lose your sense of how hard you’re hitting.

However, you do need good shock amortization around your heel, toes, and the ball of the foot to avoid Plantar Fasciitis and other injuries.

Flexibility and Weight

These two usually go together, so we put them into one category. Kickboxing shoes must be flexible, and you shouldn’t even be aware you’re wearing them when practicing. If they are too sturdy, they’ll get in your way in practice. That being said, the more flexible they are, they are usually more lightweight.

So, why is it essential for Kickboxing shoes to be lightweight? If they are too heavy, they will limit your movement and pace, making your jumps lower and your kicks weaker. You’d think that heavier shoes will mean harder kicks, but they’ll be counter-productive strength-wise. They limit your explosiveness and body control, leading to slower rotation and weaker impact force.

Our Verdict

When considering everything, the best Kickboxing shoes for women are the Reebok Ros Workout TR 2-0 Cross-Training. They are light, flexible, padded just enough, and fit like they should. Also, the price/quality ratio is also incredible, making them the best pick you can make for Kickboxing and other cross-training forms.

Some models are better for specific purposes, such as the Adidas Court Team Bounce Cross Training Shoes that help you deal with Plantar Fasciitis, or the STRONG by Zumba shoes that have a generous return policy. 

Ultimately, you should set your priorities straight before choosing the right shoe for yourself. How you use your shoes is a lot more important than how much they cost, but if the price isn’t the issue, always go for the best of the best.

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