best kickboxing hand wraps

Best Kickboxing Hand Wraps

Recently, I tested a couple of different kickboxing hand wrap products, and have found the Pro Impact Mexican Style Handwraps 180″ with Closure to be the best kickboxing hand wraps.

If there is one very common misconception about training in kickboxing that I have heard and seen countless times is that gloves are enough to protect your hands.

But actually, high-quality hand wraps might sometimes be as important or more important than gloves. 

I have learned the importance of wraps the hard way, since when I started out, I didn’t pay much attention to it as I paid to gloves, and I didn’t work on my wrapping technique.

This, over months of training, led me to wake up one night with hands so stiff I couldn’t move them, and I even almost had to undergo surgery. 

I found the Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Handwraps 180” with Closure to be the best hand wraps for training kickboxing, both due to personal experience with them and objective analysis of the product.

It is the product that helped me slowly heal my hands, and it is also a product highly thought of in the community for its incredible quality. 

I will talk about two products in this review, one of them is the Pro Impact, which is the best overall, while another product is a budget option that I have chosen in order to provide a high-quality option for people out there who are only starting out or just want some spare wraps in any case. 

If you are interested in finding out more about hand wraps and why they are so important and are also interested in a couple of product recommendations, this article is for you! Read on!

Pro Impact Mexican Style Handwraps 180″ with Closure – Best Overall

Before my injury, I have used a bunch of different hand wraps, usually the cheapest one I could find at the store.

However, after the injury, my coach recommended these Pro Impact Mexican hand wraps, and they actually helped me slowly work my way back to my top game and to help me rehabilitate from months of damage, at least as much as possible. 

These Pro Impact hand wraps are amazing for many reasons. One is that they do have a great price.

Yes, the budget product is cheaper, however, for the quality you are getting, the price of this product is also extremely reasonable. 

Aside from the price, the quality is unmatched. Out of all the wraps I tried, these have the best feel, the best balance between sturdiness and comfort, and also the best hook and loop closure I have had so far.

It is well put together, and it is just, quite simply, a great product overall. 

It is also 180 inches long, which makes it optimal for training in kickboxing since it is perfectly sturdy, but also not bulky. 

The Pro Impact Mexican Style Hand Wraps are also available in about a dozen different colors, from neon yellow to army green and black.

This means you can either have a impel product, which is just great at its function, or you can also make it a statement piece of your boxing/kickboxing outfit, it is up to you. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the Pro Impact Mexican Style Hand Wraps, check out this button, and then place your order today!

Sanabul Elastic Professional 180 inch Handwraps for Kickboxing – Best for Budget

The following product is the best option I have found upon testing quite a lot of hand wraps, which is also on the cheaper side.

It is a high-quality pair of hand wraps from a reputable company, which will be a great option if you don’t have a large budget for hand wraps, or if you are looking for some backup wraps. 

The Sanabul Elastic Professional 180-inch Handwraps for Kickboxing is my Best Budget option, they are awesome hand wraps that I also personally have and even use sometimes when I am washing the Pro Impact ones. 

Basically, these are easily as good as the Pro Impact wraps, except that the material doesn’t feel as soft and comfortable after a wash or two, and it is thus less durable.

The durability of the material is probably the most common complaint about this product, but it isn’t that bad actually.

The hook and loop are also a little flimsy compared to the Pro Impact. However, aside from these two (slight) differences, it is just as usable, and it also provides great protection. 

The essence of a pair of hand wraps lies in its ability to keep the hand and wrists firm without cutting off circulation or making training uncomfortable in any way.

These Sanabul wraps are perfect for just that: a quick, cost-effective, reliable, and comfortable way to make training sessions safer. 

They are also available in a bunch of different colors like red, pink, orange, or blue, so you can adjust them to your style. 

If you are interested in checking out these Sanabul hand wraps, aka the best budget pair of hand wraps out there, click on this button and place your order today!

Do You Need Hand Wraps for Kickboxing?

When going into kickboxing, one might ask whether hand wraps are even necessary or not since kickboxing is balanced in terms of focus on the usage of hands and legs, to there isn’t as much impact to protect from, right? 

Well, yes, but that isn’t the point. The point is that using hand wraps can prevent quite a lot of unnecessary damage, and that unnecessary damage can also happen while training kickboxing. 

The human body wasn’t designed by evolution to strike, but much rather grapple, however effective we have become at the former.

This is also visible, since our hands and feet, the two most widely used parts of our body for striking, also have the most fragile small bones in our body. 

These sensitive body parts require protection, even if every 3rd strike of yours is a kick. It still puts your hands at risk, which is why hand wraps are an absolute must when training in kickboxing. 

Why Do Kickboxers Wrap Their Hands?

Whenever movies depict boxers or kickboxers, or any strike-based martial arts training, the main focus is on the gloves. This does not mean wraps are less important, and sometimes, I might even say that if I had to choose, I might even stick with wraps instead of gloves. 

Hands wraps are multifunctional tools to improve training. They are great for a number of reasons, but there are two main ones: protection and stability. 

Now those may seem like the same thing, but they aren’t. By protection, I mean actual protection to the hands, both by the extra layer of cloth between the knuckles and the target and also by the firmness it provides the hands. 

When striking, the bones in our hands naturally move in all directions, get squeezed, and get put under loads of pressure, just like all the ligaments and joints.

This, over time (which doesn’t have to be a long time), can and will cause injury, and possibly even the necessity for surgery. 

As the saying goes: “There are two types of people when it comes to wraps. Ones who use them to avoid injury and ones  who don’t use them, because they haven’t yet been injured.”

Using wraps is necessary to avoid inevitable joint pain, arthritis wrist and other bone fractures, and more. 

The other, also the important reason is stability. By this, I mean stability under the gloves.

Another often overlooked benefit of wraps is increased comfort and stability when wearing the gloves since the extra layer of fabric makes the gloves fit more snugly, and the fabric also helps with a hand sliding in the glove. 

Try wearing gloves without wraps, and you will probably soon have a bunch of bruises and injuries on your hands, and your gloves will also deteriorate faster due to the moisture and unnecessary hand movement. 

Hand wraps are necessary for all striking combat systems and martial arts, and in the same way, in kickboxing, so do not forget to purchase them as soon as (or before) you sign up for classes!

How Do You Use Kickboxing Hand Wraps?

The way you will wrap your hands in the future will probably be somewhat unique, since most people do develop their own exact styles.

However, there are a couple of things to look out for and a couple of tips on starting the process that I can discuss in this section. 

Firstly, most hand wraps have thumb hooks or loops, which is the place you will start wrapping your hands. This loop serves as the starting point.

After putting your thumb through it, there are many different ways you can wrap it around your hand, but it depends on the art you train and the activity you will be doing. 

There are boxing wrapping techniques, Muay Thai techniques, techniques for the heavy bag, speed bag work, sparring, etc. It also depends on what part of your hand is the most vulnerable.

If you have a weaker wrist, you might pass the wrap a couple of more times around your wrist than your knuckle for some extra protection. 

Usually, with heavy bag work, people tend to focus on wrist wrapping, with somewhat less knuckle padding, whereas with sparring, people tend to wrap their knuckles more for more protection.

It depends on taste and situation, but the best place to start is a classic boxing wrapping technique, and then working your way up from there. 

My Verdict

After testing a bunch of different hand wraps over my years of training and also during these recent weeks and months where I have been deliberately testing hand wraps, I found that the Pro Impact Mexican Style Hand Wraps 180” with closure were the absolute best due to their quality, durability, and comfort. 

Though there were other runners up and the budget option is also a great product, the Pro Impact has been my trusty friend for a longer time than any other pair has been, and all the online reviews and analysis do also show that it is, in fact, an incredible pair of hand wraps.

 If you are interested in purchasing the Pro Impact Mexican Style hand Wraps, check out this button and place your order today!

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