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Stefano Secci

Stefano Secci

Stefano Secci was born on the outskirts of Genoa. He began practicing sports at 11 by enrolling in a Ju-Jitsu class; from there, I have not stopped playing sports until today. At 16, he switched to French Savate Boxing, which I married and has remained my first and only true love.

He has tried many sports, from the most extreme, such as skydiving, rafting, scuba diving, and climbing, to other contact sports such as boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing, chausse fighting new French discipline, and MMA.

He also practiced other martial art, wing Chun, wushu, krav maga, Thai chi, ci gong… Of course, there has been no shortage of training by practicing disciplines such as athletics, bodybuilding, stretching, yoga, free-body street training, calisthenics, mud running, and more.

The essence of Stefano Secci’s life is made up of 90 percent of sports, and today he continues to try new ones, such as horseback riding, skiing, and sailing, and the next one will be canoeing.

A passion that has become a job, which he carries out with my heart, offering to those who decide to be followed me the experience of more than thirty years of sports practice that has led him to obtain the necessary qualifications to be able to guarantee his clients the full knowledge that he take care to update periodically with professors of cutting-edge French sports.

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The SID (Italian Defense System) is codified by Stefano Secci, who divulges it worldwide

Elite Sporting Club, is the center for which Stefano Secci is the sports director

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