A New Spectacle Is On the horizon! Hearn announced a meeting with White: 'It will be brutality in its crudest form!'

A New Spectacle Is On the horizon! Hearn announced a meeting with Whyte: ‘It will be brutality in its crudest form!’

According to boxing mogul and one of the world’s most famous promoters, Eddie Hearn, it is possible that we will be watching a match between Dillian Whyte and Francis Ngannou this year.

“I never thought we would take this so seriously, but last week that changed as well. Dillian Whyte’s goal is to become a world boxing champion, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him and Ngannou later this year. It’s obvious that Povetkin is next, but October, November, December…,” Hearn fired in a conversation with Sky Sports.

Whyte, let us remind you, has been playing with the imagination of fans for some time now, calling out UFC heavyweight stars along the way. The target of the striker from Brixton has recently become UFC heavyweights like Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou, whom he still names a little more and fiercer than the current champion.

So Whyte once called Ngannou a “coward,” and a little later explained his choice of words as follows:

“I did it because for someone 6’3 feet (193 centimeters) tall and 254 pounds (115 kilograms) heavy, he didn’t show enough heart in his two defeats. He had 10 victories in a row, he achieved most in the first round against average fighters, and as soon as he made a step forward – he immediately suffered two defeats (Stipe Miocic and Derrick Lewis). This happened as soon as he had someone in front of him who was not just standing and receiving punches. He mentioned a boxing match a bit, but he never mentioned me. Not even after I called in coward publicly. That tells you all,” Dillian said back in April.

Ngannou is currently on a string of four express and impressive wins in the UFC, but according to almost all announcements at the moment, Daniel Cormier will have the advantage as a challenger. And if we take into account that DC and Stipe still do not have an agreed specific date, it is clear that Francis is waiting for a longer break or acceptance of another match. Maybe this one with Whyte is the solution…

“I’ll contact Dana White and ask him – ‘Tell me what and how? Can we really do this? Will it be in the ring? Will it be in a cage? Per round?’ This is a hot topic right now and I really think there is a good chance it will come true,” Hearn continued.

The famous promoter is convinced that the interest in such a clash is huge, and such, according to him, should be the numbers.

“This is the first real, true ‘crossover’ fight. I know we had Floyd and Conor, but this is a different type of fight and a different type of experience. This is brutality in its crudest form. It’s a match that will achieve huge numbers. There are boxing fans, there are MMA fans, there’s intrigue. Well, this match has – everything,” Hearn concluded.

Are you among the fans who would love to watch a duel like this?

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