A ‘Fight’ in Which Jones Didn’t Stand a Chance Sonnen on Twitter ‘Destroyed’ UFC Champion!

A ‘Fight’ in Which Jones Didn’t Stand a Chance: Sonnen on Twitter ‘Destroyed’ UFC Champion!

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Jon Jones may have beaten Chael Sonnen in the Octagon in 2013, but in the 2020 trash talk, he had no chance…

One interesting clash on Twitter has caught the attention of the martial arts community these days, and it all started with one post by Jon Jones.

And here we now come to a series of ‘tweets’ in which ‘American Gangster’ once again showed why he is the real and only king of ‘trash talk’. Sonnen somehow accepted Jones’ game, so without mentioning his name, he posted a series of messages and once again showed how creative he can be in his performances.

Chael’s most interesting posts are presented below:

This is just just a part of what Sonnen retaliated against ‘Bones’.

It seems that this time Jones entered a match that he could not win… On the other hand, it would be better for Sonnen if hed walk-the-talk.

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